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The Great Budget 4wd Trip Around Australia – Week 3

Broken River Bush Camp, Eungella

This week we continued north through Queensland with the end target being the city of Mackay. The weather wasn’t great this week – so we suffered from a few soggy tent mornings! Luckily we stayed dry inside, but having to wait for the rain to burn off the outside meant we were often slow at […]

Agnes Waters: The Best Budget Travel Guide

Agnes Waters: The Best Budget Travel Guide

  Situated on Australia’s Queensland coast, Agnes Water is a tiny surf town with a great reputation. As the country’s most northerly surf beach, this place revolves around the sun, sea, sand … and the waves. Just south of the Great Barrier Reef and the start of the Tropic of Capricorn, Agnes (as it’s fondly […]

The Great Budget 4wd Trip Around Australia – Week 2

Agnes Beach Walk

This week we continued up through Queensland – getting to the gorgeous Agnes Water. We ended with a bit of luxury – staying in a friend’s house (I know, 4 walls!) in Yeppoon. Spot of the Week: Agnes Water, Queensland Free Camp of the Week: Lawgi Hall, Thangool, QLD (wonderful donation-based showers, toilets and a […]

Ultimate Guide to Carnarvon Gorge National Park

The Ultimate Guide to Carnarvon Gorge

Carnarvon Gorge is one of Queensland, Australia’s most spectacular national parks – with 16,000ha of wilderness having been preserved since 1932. Buried deep in the state’s Central Highlands, this region sits just below the tropic of Capricorn in a rugged and semi-arid area of the country. The park is characterised by high sandstone cliffs, that […]

The Great Budget 4wd Trip Around Australia – Week 1

Australia, Queensland, Carnarvon Gorge First Light

Our first week of our adventure was fun, slow going, but fun – it was so great to finally hit the road. We left behind our home on the idyllic Sunshine Coast and set sail for some exploring in Central Queensland. The day before our departure was spent with good friends in Kin Kin (in […]

Best 10 Things To Do in Bogota, Colombia

Best 10 Things To Do in Bogota, Colombia

High in the lofty Andes, the city of Bogota is the social, cultural and financial pinnacle of Colombia. Brilliantly showcasing much of what this stunning country has to offer, the capital blends a busy modern metropolis, with an undeniably Latin beat and bounce that sees super street art sitting next to world-class galleries, tasty street […]

13 Easy Ways to Score Cheap Travel When You Visit Australia

13 Easy Ways to Score Cheap Travel When You Visit Australia

  Being the huge country that it is, getting around Australia can often be an expensive endeavour. With large distances between towns, some that stretch across time zones, it’s no surprise that transport costs Down Under can put a major dent in any tourist’s pocket. But don’t worry mate, I’ve discovered 13 easy ways for […]

Wow! Alice Springs to Darwin: 1500km for $60

Alice Springs to Darwin

  The Beginning of the Story And so I found myself in Alice Springs, Australia. Quite the literally the middle of nowhere. I’d just been on an awesome 4wd road trip in a Landrover up from South Australia to Central Australia with a new friend of mine and now it was all over. I’d spent […]

10 Awesome Ways to Find Cheap Accommodation When You Travel Australia

How to Find Cheap Accommodation in Australia

Accommodation costs are probably one of the greatest expenses you’ll incur when you travel Australia. Even hostels here can be pricey (think $30+ AUD for a dorm bed) and it’s not unknown for some caravan parks to charge up to $60 AUD for an unpowered site. WOAH! I know right? As such, saving money when […]

On the Precipice: Starting Another Long Trip

Starting Another Long Trip

      So here I am again On the precipice, starting another long trip A one way ticket in my hand (metaphorically) And nowhere to call home. It’s a funny feeling. The one I always get before any indefinite trip away; a strange mix of apprehension and being lost. Bewildering I know. People always […]