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Trekking Ethiopia’s Tigray Churches

Trekking Ethiopia’s Tigray Churches

A WORD OF WARNING! Visiting Ethiopia’s Tigray Churches will require nerves of steel, a disregard for treacherous heights and all the adrenaline you can possibly muster… …but trust me, if you can harness all of these, then visiting this totally unique and breathtaking (literally) destination is going to be one of the most amazing travel […]

Top 10 Free Things to Do in Karratha, Western Australia

The Top 10 Free Things to Do in Karratha, Western Australia

  If there’s one Australian movie that really puts a place on the map, it has to be the film , for which Karratha and its neighbouring town of Dampier is famous for. The movie – a lighthearted, family comedy about a famous dog that used to reside in / roam around this part of […]

10 Day Trips from Perth You Can’t Miss

10 Best Perth Day Trips

Time is such a bizarre thing isn’t it?! It literally feels like I’ve just entered Western Australia, yet as I sit down to write this post, I’m shocked to discover it’s actually almost a year since I stepped across the border from the Northern Territory as part of 4wd budget road trip around Australia! A […]

Top 21 Things to Do in Jersey, Channel Islands inc 10 that are Free!

Top 21 Things to Do in Jersey

  Jersey, in the Channel Islands, is the most southerly part of Great Britain. Known for its rural heritage, delightful beaches, beautiful walking and interesting history, the island has a fascinating mix of English and French influences, which render it quite unique. Jersey also happens to be my “home” … well the place where I […]

10 Best Free Things to do on Magnetic Island

The 10 Best Free Things to do on Magnetic Island, Australia

  The idyllic Magnetic Island in Queensland, Australia is a tropical paradise! An easy 20-minute ferry from the coastal city of Townsville, hopping across to Maggie (as the Island is affectionately known) for a day trip or a weekend is the perfect way to enjoy this gorgeous part of Australia. At only 52sqkm and with […]

16 Amazing Destinations to Discover on Your North Queensland Holidays

North Queensland Holiday

  With lush green rainforest meeting the Great Barrier Reef and coconut palm-lined beaches meeting turquoise, tropical waters, your quintessential North Queensland holidays are bound to be framed by some gorgeous landscapes. Now add in a UNESCO World Heritage site or 2 and plenty of history and culture, and your North Queensland holidays are bound […]

10 Best Things to Do in Cooktown, Australia

10 Best Things to Do in Cooktown, Australia

Who would have thought it! The community of Cooktown, situated in the remote Cape York peninsula of Queensland, is really a bustling place! Driving this far north in Australia, we would never have guessed that a fairly sizeable, well-stocked, pleasant and busy civilisation could have existed out here. But there you have it, Australia is […]

21 Great Things to Do in Mission Beach

Things to do in Mission Beach

  The small town of Mission Beach lies almost at the top of a 14km stretch of stunning tropical coastline in north Queensland. Split into 4 main villages – this strip of paradise offers as much perfect, beachside relaxation as it does adrenaline-raising activity and adventure. As a predominantly winter destination, Mission Beach is normally […]

10 Awesome FREE Things To Do In New Zealand: North Island

Free Things to Do in New Zealand

  New Zealand is an expensive country to travel. Luckily, it’s full of natural beauty in both the South and North Islands making it possible to get some amazing experiences for no cost at all. If you’re planning to check out the North Island, bookmark this list as these 10 free things to do in […]