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How to Visit Auschwitz-Birkenau: Top Tips & What to Expect

Visiting Auschwitz

The sort of place you don’t necessarily get excited about going to, but the sort of place you feel you need to go to, visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau can be something of a moral gauntlet when it comes to travel plans. Situated in the eastern European country of Poland, this is a place with a dark history, […]

15 Epic Things to Do in Romania You Can’t Miss

15 Best Things to Do in Romania

Want to visit Romania? Here’s my list of the 15 best things to do in this country. A great starting point if you’re planning to travel here, this guide will bring you all the highlights of Romania you simply can’t miss. With some great cities, stunning mountains and even a protected wetland area, Romania is […]

Off the Beaten Track in Cyprus : Things to See

Getting Off the Beaten Track in Cyprus - Things to See & Do

  So, if you’re anything like me – a British child of the nineties who grew up on package holidays – then Cyprus will be equated with one thing and one thing only in your mind. And that is beach resorts, half-board packages, towel reservations by the pool and Fanta Orange at dinner… ok well […]

13 Awesome Things to Do in Turkey

13 Best Things to Do in Turkey

  Turkey is a HUGE country and straddling the border between Europe and Asia, it also boasts a huge diversity of landscapes and cultures. From coast to castles, hikes to hot air balloons, ruins to relaxation, Turkey’s got it all and honestly you could spend a year or more adventuring through this country and still […]

Top 20 Places To Visit in Romania

20 Best Places To Visit in Romania

Snuggled over in the east of Europe, Romania often feels like the land time forgot in this part of the world. Out of the countries I’ve wandered across in this continent, Romania consistently stood out as a destination belonging, at least in part, to a different age. Even as recent as 2018, it felt hard […]

Top 13 Things to Do in Bulgaria

13 Best Things to Do in Bulgaria

I bl**dy loved Bulgaria. Quite honestly, it’s as simple as that. In fact, out of all 12 countries I’ve travelled in eastern Europe, it’s only Bosnia Hercegovina and Montenegro that came even close to toppling Bulgaria from my top spot. For 1, Bulgaria is incredibly cheap – a massive plus point in my budget travel […]

10 Epic Things to Do In Lebanon You Can’t Miss!

10 Epic Things to Do In Lebanon

Lovely, lively, lush, large-hearted Lebanon. What an amazing place! So many things to do! Honestly, if I could think of more superlative adjectives beginning with L, I’d be likely to go on and on about this Middle Eastern gem of a country situated along the Mediterranean Coast. The treasures that lie in store in this […]

10 Sensational Reasons to Visit Myanmar

10 Sensational Reasons to Visit Myanmar

  Myanmar is a wonderful country for solo travellers in Asia. Aside from the fact that it is both friendly and safe, this charming destination offers unique travel experiences that differ wildly from anywhere else on earth. Perfect for budget travellers too – given the choice of accommodation and comfortable transportation at very reasonable prices, […]

15 Epic Things to Do in Egypt

15 Epic Things to Do in Egypt

If you haven’t already heard, I’m currently championing Egypt as one of the best travel destinations going. Honestly, it’s astounding just how diverse and delightful this country is, especially in terms of the amazing historical and natural sights on offer. The country is also safe – or at least I felt secure when here – […]