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15 Very Best Things To Do in South Africa

The 15 Very Best Things To Do in South Africa

The alluring appeal of South Africa just never gets old, especially when there’s so many amazing things to do there. Rich in cultural history, ethnic diversity and with some incredible landscapes to boot, the beauty of this country just can’t fail to inspire. As such, it’s often a place where many people either begin or […]

Discovering the Best Natural Attractions Cornwall Has to Offer

Cornwall's Best Natural Attractions

Cornwall, so near yet so far away at the same time, it’s no surprise that this place was once a separate country! When you holiday here, you can see and feel the subtle differences in the landscape and culture everywhere you go… and it’s charming to say the least! It’s a lot like England, yet […]

How To Experience the Best Angkor Wat Sunrise

Angkor Wat Sunrise

 C’mon now, who doesn’t want to see Angkor Wat at least once in their lifetime? And who doesn’t want to catch a sunrise over these amazing temples? Yes the main attraction in Cambodia, Angkor Wat is huge, old, UNESCO-listed and freaking amazing! Yes despite the growing crowds, which have drastically swelled the traveller popularity of […]

10 Incredible Things to Do in Eswatini

10 Epic Things To Do in Swaziland

Encircled by the giant geography of South Africa, the small kingdom of Eswatini has given itself a new name, but still has the same amazing attractions! Named Swaziland by the British colonial powers, this tiny nation has now expressed its right to self-determination and, as it is known in the local language, will now be […]

13 Best Instagram Spots in Eastern Europe

The 13 Best Instagram Spots in Eastern Europe

High on the history stakes, the landscape points and cultural kudos, Eastern Europe is a feast for hungry travellers. Whether you want cobbled streets, ancient castles, scenic rivers, picturesque mountains, great street art, beautiful beaches or bold bridges, Eastern Europe delivers over and above every time. And that’s without taking into account the wonderful people […]

10 Epic Things to Do in Namibia You Can’t Miss

10 Epic Things to Do in Namibia You Can’t Miss

I heard Namibia was good. In fact I’d heard it was really good. But honestly, nothing prepared me for the unending spectacle of adventuring through this remote desert country in a huge overland truck with Absolute Africa. As an aside, I loved my trip with Absolute so much that I’m currently offering all my readers […]

The 5 Epic Places to Visit in Argentina


Tango, empanadas, glaciers, the Andes, and spectacular wineries – those are just some of the many things that will tempt you to come to Argentina. And on top of that, the country’s diverse landscape and varied climate make it a great place to visit at almost any time of the year. Head to some of […]

20 Best Budget Day Trips from London

20 Best Day Trips from London on a Budget

  We all know London can be an expensive city – if you don’t know how to see it like a local that is – but what about getting out of the capital to discover some fabulous places around? Well, just like the locals know how to do London cheaply, so they also know the […]