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14 Amazing Things to Do in Cappadocia + Itinerary

14 Amazing Things to Do in Cappadocia

If there’s anywhere in Turkey that you’ve seen or heard about on Instagram, Facebook or the internet at large, it’s probably Cappadocia. Am I right, or am I right? Yes this geographically striking, visually spellbinding and utterly unique spot in Turkey’s central highlands is just so picturesque, it’s no wonder it’s as famous as it […]

10 Utterly Unique & Amazing Things to Do in Ethiopia

10 Utterly Unique and Totally Crazy Things to Do in Ethiopia

It’s no secret, my love for Ethiopia is unmatched. Startup a conversation with me about this amazing country and you’re likely to regret it; such is my ability to wax lyrical about this totally unique place! For it is totally unique. I’ve travelled across Africa, and even in the countries that border this landlocked country, […]

Top Tips for Visiting Petra for Less

Tips for Visiting Petra for Less, Jordan

One of the 7 new wonders of the world, Petra is, quite simply, an amazing, must-see travel spot. A veritable bucket list item in fact! If you weren’t already inspired, no doubt Instagram has had you marvelling at pictures of this sensational ancient city, buried deep in the desert and known about only by the […]

7 Best Things to Do in Rwanda

The 7 Best Things to Do in Rwanda

A tiny little country in East Africa, Rwanda nevertheless holds its own in a continent jam-packed full of sensational locations. With some of the friendliest people of all (my arm actually got sore from waving so much!), Rwanda has nevertheless had a chequered and tragic recent history that can’t be ignored. Discovering its story and […]

14 Spellbinding Things to do in Kenya That Will Make You Book a Trip!

14 Spellbinding Things to do in Kenya That Will Make You Book a Trip There Today!

One of the most diverse countries in East Africa, Kenya really does have it all. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate safari experience, a hiking adventure or a chance to relax on white-sand beaches, this fantastic country has it all – at a good price too! In between all this, there’s an incredible array of […]

6 Best Things to Do in Zimbabwe

The 6 Best Things to Do in Zimbabwe

Not known for its tourist trail, Zimbabwe is however an amazing destination to explore in southern Africa. From ancient Medieval ruins to stunning national parks and even dam cruises, it’s a land that offers many surprises for those who venture into her midst. I visited Zimbabwe as part of my Africa overland trip with Absolute […]

Exploring Ethiopia’s Lake Tana and Blue Nile Falls

Exploring Ethiopia’s Lake Tana & Blue Nile Falls

  Another must-see destination in Ethiopia (yes another one!) is the city of Bahar Dar or Bahir Dir, depending on how you translate the Amharic alphabet! Yes confusing at the best of times, Ethiopia can be a puzzle, but I’m so delighted that my time in Bahar Dar was one of the least stressful and […]