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Finally! Great Travel Insurance for Nomads

Travel Insurance for Nomads

  It’s a big problem. And it’s growing. It’s a problem that’s affected me, as well as countless other digital nomads, remote freelancers and long-term travellers I know. And that is the question of insurance. Travel insurance for nomads to be precise. If you’ve ever tried to take out insurance when you’re not in your […]

Is Solo Female Travel in Ethiopia Safe?

Is Solo Female Travel in Ethiopia Safe?

It’s a question I get asked a lot. A surprising amount in fact. And I’m not sure why?! Perhaps because I never asked it before I travelled solo to Ethiopia. Perhaps I should have! Perhaps because there’s not many of us ladies backpacking Ethiopia solo. Perhaps there should be more! But either way, for solo […]

lipHe Wellness Retreat : Is This Lebanon’s Biggest Surprise?

LipHe Wellness Retreat

  If you’ve read any of my content coming out of Lebanon, you’ll know that this country has blown me, and continues to blow me, away! It is the very land of surprises, and perhaps there’s never been a bigger one for me, or the Lebanese friend I was travelling with, than heading to lipHe […]

Is Sudan Safe for Solo Female Travellers?

Is Sudan Safe for Solo Female Travellers?

  I have to be honest, there’s not many people I know who have travelled in Sudan. And being even more honest, there’s NO solo females I know who have travelled in Sudan. (Everyone I know whose been was either a solo male or part of a couple.) But you know what, this sort of […]

Adelaide’s Trending Restaurants & Cafes

Adelaide’s Trending Restaurants & Cafes

  Adelaide’s dining scene has grown into its own over the years, merging from what was considered to be a try hard copy of the East Coast to a thriving dining culture with its own identity. Local chefs and restauranteurs have delved into the heart of Adelaide and created new restaurants and cafes that really […]

Safari Insurance : Why I Chose Travel Insurance from World Nomads

Kenya, Masai Mara, Safari

  So if you haven’t heard the latest news … we’re off to Africa! Yep, leaving Australia and the giant road trip Down Under behind us, we’re off to experience a different type of road trip in a very different continent. Yes for 2 months, I’ll be joining the guys at Absolute Africa for a […]

7 Great Tips for Choosing the Best Sunglasses for Hiking

The Best Sunglasses for Hiking

When it comes to hiking we all know that we need a good pair of boots, a high-quality sunscreen and a backpack that holds all of the essentials. However we often neglect one of the most important things we need when hiking. Yes whether it’s a day trip or a multi-day trip, you also need […]

Water-To-Go Filter Bottles: Are They Worth It?

Water-To-Go Filter Bottles

Filter bottles have been around a while now, and are listed and recommended on pretty much every travel, outdoors and hiking website. I’ve seen plenty of videos boasting how amazing filter bottles are, how long they last and, unlike their plastic water bottle counterparts, how little they impact our environment. I’ll admit, until I started […]