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10 Essential Road Safety Tips You NEED to Read Before Driving in Outback Australia

Outback Road Safety Tips

  Driving through Outback Australia is one of the most quintessential road trips you can make. Like Route 66, one of the best US road trips, journeying through rural and remote Australia will have you experiencing and exploring some incredible destinations you’d never get to see without your own set of wheels. But do be […]

URGH! Can You Guess the 30 Filthiest Attractions on the Planet?

Urgh! Can You Guess the 30 Filthiest Attractions on the Planet {Big World Small Pockets}

  This article was written in collaboration with Helping AU and contains affiliate links meaning Big World Small Pockets may receive a small commission on any purchases at no extra cost to you. One of the most frequent comments I get asked about being a long-term traveller is how do I put up with the […]

The Best Travel Insurance Advice for Long Term Travellers

Travel Insurance for Long Term Travellers

  It’s yet again that time when I need to try and extend my travel insurance. And it’s yet again a time when this proves rather more difficult and frustrating than I had hoped! Everyone’s circumstances are different when it comes to travel insurance and mine in particular, always seem to present a number of […]

7 Common Backpacker Mistakes that Could Cost You Hundreds

Israel, Tel Aviv, Abraham Hostel Me in Mirror

  There’s nothing more frustrating than finding yourself hundreds of dollars out of pocket for no reason other than you screwed up. As a backpacker, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to make costly mistakes, you might even make them before you head out of the country! The best way to avoid these […]

BEST Coffee in Noosa, Australia: 5 Places to Find It

5 Places to Find the Best Coffee in Noosa

  If you weren’t already aware, Australians are hot on their coffee. No, not just hot … scorching. Yes, despite the high temperatures here, these crazy folk Down Under love nothing more than a good caffeine hit and short of being a beverage here, coffee is almost an art. Melbourne is renowned for being the […]