URGH! Can You Guess the 30 Filthiest Attractions on the Planet?

Urgh! Can You Guess the 30 Filthiest Attractions on the Planet {Big World Small Pockets}


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One of the most frequent comments I get asked about being a long-term traveller is how do I put up with the gross and the grime?

I mean, we all have a mental image (if not a photo!) of the dirtiest possible hostel, complete with bed bugs, kitchen cockroaches and far too many fleas.

From unsightly hair in the shower to stains on the sheets, it’s true that backpacker hostels around the world don’t always have you living in the most hygienic conditions.

And, for an OCD tidier like myself, that can be a good challenge (and why I’m always using Helpling AU to find an excellent cleaner when I am in one place for a while!)


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But, what if I was to set the record straight and tell you that it might not be the place you’re staying in that you have to worry about when it comes to the filth factor.

And it might not even be all that street food you’ve eaten either!

No, despite the food markets of Asia getting a bad rap and the dirty backpackers of the world earning an even worse one, what if I was to tell you it’s actually some of the most famous attractions in the world that continually prove to be the filthiest.

Yes that’s right, some of the earth’s most iconic monuments – visited by even high-end tourists and luxury tour guides – are also some of the dirty places around!

From the Eiffel Tower in Paris to St Mark’s Square in Venice, there’s a whole heap of bucket list attractions that have surprisingly made their way onto the list of the 30 Filthiest Tourist Attractions on the Planet!

Well I never!

So next time you’re looking to tick a famous global icon off your travel agenda, perhaps cast your eyes over the infographic below.

It might just have you reaching for that extra bottle of hand sanitiser!

URGH! Can you Believe these are the 30 Filthiest Attractions on the Planet {Big World Small Pockets}

If you are a bit of a clean freak like me and this list has you recoiling in disgust, then you’ll want to make sure the place you’re staying in is a bit cleaner than some of these filthy attractions.

For those in Melbourne and Sydney then, you’ll be glad to know Helping AU offer an excellent database of local, reliable cleaners available at affordable rates.

It’s easy too, just simply click one of the 2 city links above and you’ll get access to a huge range of prolific cleaners in your area starting from just $29 p/hr.

So there we have it folks, the 30 filthiest tourist attractions on the planet and how to make sure the place you’re living isn’t one of them!



Urgh! The 30 Filthiest Attractions on the Planet {Big World Small Pockets}

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