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How To Grab a Cheap South Africa Safari: 8 Budget Hacks

8 Tips for a Budget South Africa Safari

So you’re looking to find a bargain when it comes to your South African safari experience? Well good news, you’ve come to the right place if you want to get the best budget tips about how to pay less! Unfortunately, as you may not have realised, safaris do not generally make very budget-friendly trips, but […]

How Much Does It Cost to Travel Armenia?

How Much Does It Cost to Travel Armenia?

According to the handy travel app I use to track my spending, Armenia is the cheapest country I travelled in this year. Hard to say exactly, because I only started using this great travel app to track my spending this year, but I’m tentatively going to say Armenia is up there with the cheapest countries […]

How Much Does an African Safari Cost?

How Much Does an African Safari Cost?

So, how much does an African safari cost? Well, here’s the short (and rather unhelpful) answer… it depends… massively! Yup, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but there just isn’t a simple answer to how much an African safari costs, and that’s mostly because African safaris vary wildly. Depending on which country you experience your safari […]

Cat Ba Island, Vietnam: The Perfect Halong Bay Alternative

Cat Ba Island, Vietnam

  Cat Ba Island is one of the best places to visit in Vietnam in my opinion, but it’s also a spot many travellers miss off their itinerary in this country… and what a shame. #1 Because Cat Ba Island has a lovely national park at its heart – a great place to enjoy some […]

9 Cheapest Countries to Travel in Africa

9 Budget Friendly Countries to Travel in Africa

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I really think that most people have a strong perception that travelling in Africa is cheap. And I’m guessing this is something to do with the economic disadvantage many of the countries in this continent suffer, coupled with the presumption that places where less tourists go tend to be […]

9 Best Budget Places to Stay in Arequipa, Peru

9 Best Budget Places to Stay in Arequipa, Peru

Known as the white city, Arequipa is Peru’s second biggest metropolis and an absolute must on any South American itinerary. From strolling the colonial streets to hiking the nearby canyon, there’s no end to the amount of great things to do and see here, meaning the only real choice left is … where to stay?! […]

How Much Does Travel in Ethiopia Cost?

How Much Does Travel in Ethiopia Cost?

“How much does travel in Ethiopia cost?” is a question I get asked a lot, like, a lot! And the answer I always give is “well it depends.” And it does depend. Totally and utterly depends on a huge variety of features. So while I honestly always want to try and give an accurate answer, […]

How Much Does An Australian Road Trip Really Cost?

How Much Does An Australian Road Trip Cost?

Well, of course, the answer to the question of how much an Australia road trip really costs, is how long is a piece of string?! Because, depending how long you travel for, where you travel to, how far you travel, what style of travel you like and what type of vehicle and set-up up you’ve […]

Complete Budget Travel Guide to Barcelona


In case you weren’t aware, there is a reason why millions of people visit Barcelona every year and why I’ve named this city one of my top 50 places to visit in Western Europe! Whether you want to marvel at the glorious architecture, take a deep dive into some rich history, try delicious food and […]