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10 Fab Things to Do in Malacca on a Budget

10 Fab Things to Do in Malacca, Malaysia

  The beautiful, charming city of Malacca was, without question, one of my favourite spots throughout my 3 week trip in Malaysia. Chilled, café-laden and oozing a rich colonial history, Malacca ticked a lot of boxes for me and I can’t recommend getting this spot on your itinerary enough too. If you’re tired of big […]

How Much Does Travel in Ethiopia Cost?

How Much Does Travel in Ethiopia Cost?

  “How much does travel in Ethiopia cost?” is a question I get asked a lot, like, a lot! And the answer I always give is “well it depends.” And it does depend. Totally and utterly depends on a huge variety of features. So while I honestly always want to try and give an accurate […]

How Much Does An Australian Road Trip Really Cost?

How Much Does An Australian Road Trip Cost?

  Well, of course, the answer to this question really, is how long is a piece of string? Because, depending how long you travel for, where you travel to, how far you travel, what style of travel you like and what type of vehicle and set-up up you’ve got, the costs are going to vary […]

Complete Budget Travel Guide to Barcelona


  In case you weren’t aware, there is a reason why millions of people visit Barcelona every year and why I’ve named this city one of my top 50 places to visit in Western Europe! Whether you want to marvel at the glorious architecture, take a deep dive into some rich history, try delicious food […]

How to Bag One Way Flight Deals : A Pro’s Guide

How to Bag One Way Flight Deals

  It certainly used to be the case that one way flight deals were a fantasy in many independent travellers’ eyes. That dream of jetting off somewhere with an open-ended ticket was just not possible without paying a fortune for a single airfare, or paying nearly as much for a return flight you’d never use. […]

Your Budget Travel Guide to Munich

Your Budget Travel Guide to Munich

  Munich is a city that has it all and is absolutely one of the top places to visit both in Germany and Europe as a whole! The architecture is fabulous and includes opulent palaces, a basilica in high Italian baroque, and an impressive modern Konzerthaus made from glass. Here you can find world-class museums, […]

How To Visit Dubrovnik Cheaply!

How To Visit Dubrovnik in Croatia Cheaply

  There’s simply no denying it, Croatia is crazy expensive when it comes to budget travel in eastern Europe and Dubrovnik seems to top the bill as the most expensive city in this part of the world. Thanks to its Game of Thrones popularity and the seemingly never-ending stream of cruise ships that dock in […]

21 Money Saving Hacks for Travel in Eastern Europe

Top 21 Money Saving Hacks for Travel in Eastern Europe

  I honestly couldn’t believe how wonderfully cheap Eastern Europe was when I toured the region. And every time I’ve been back since, I’ve still been amazed by the incredible value visiting this part of the world offers – especially compared to Western Europe. It really is a beauty of a budget travel destination and […]

What is Rideshare? How Can You Benefit From it?

What is Rideshare?

  For those not yet in the know, rideshare is one of the best arms of the sharing economy for travellers, essentially giving you a way to travel short distances for less! Similar to Airbnb that allows you to rent locals houses and apartments, or WeSwap that allows you to swap money with those looking […]

Top 10 Free Things to Do in Beirut, Lebanon

Top 10 Free Things to Do in Beirut, Lebanon

If there was ever a prize for the coolest city in the Middle East it would have to go to Beirut. And who knew? Well certainly not me before I touched down in Lebanon otherwise I would have allowed myself more than 10 days here! For while Lebanon is a tiny country, there’s so much […]