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How to Island Hop in Croatia on a Budget

How to Island Hop Croatia on a Budget

  The Dalmatian Coast in Croatia is a stunning paradise for travellers looking for a sunny island adventure. With the beautiful Adriatic Sea lapping on the shores of the country as well as its 1244 islands (yes that’s 1244!), island hopping Croatia is an ideal trip for those who want to mix things up, divide […]

How to Find a Cheap Hotel: Ideas from an Industry Professional

How to Find a Cheap Hotel : Ideas from an Industry Professional

  Ok, so here’s the disclaimer. As well as running a travel blog, I also work in hotels. Yes my love affair with tourism doesn’t just start and end with my personal passion, or my online endeavours, but actually extends into my 9-5 life too. Although that said, I can’t actually remember the last time […]

10 Best FREE Things to Do in Byron Bay

10 Free Things to do in Byron Bay, Australia

  Once a sleepy hippy town, Byron Bay is now the counter-culture centre of Australia and anyone with a love of nature, organics or crystals is bound to find themselves there sooner or later! The town is full of young people and also has a bustling, bohemian crew with plenty of backpackers looking to keep […]

How to Save Money (and Avoid the Crowds) in Rome

How to Save Money in Rome

Rome is rightfully known throughout the world for its artistic masterpieces, historic wonders, and culinary treats – and there’s no question it’s one of the best places to visit in Western Europe. Unfortunately, hordes of tourists and high prices often prevent travellers from fully appreciating everything the city has to offer. Thankfully, you don’t have […]

How to Housesit for the 1st Time: Top 10 Tips

How to Housesit for the First Time

Fulfilling a lifelong dream to retire early and travel the world, Faith Coates is now happily journeying around the world! After spending a year in a tiny fishing village in the Yucatan, mangling Spanish and writing by the pool, Faith discovered housesitting and decided this was a great budget way to travel. As such, I […]

How to See the Best of the Galapagos on a Budget

Ecuador, Galapagos, Iguana

  The Galapagos Islands aren’t typically a place that you’d associate with budget travel, but the great news is that it’s definitely possible to take a trip there without breaking the bank. Yes, these islands are more expensive than other destinations in South America, but there are plenty of ways to explore the Galapagos on […]

Nature’s Way on a Budget: Ideal Itinerary For Discovering Australia’s Top End

Top End Road Trip

  I’ll let you in on a little secret, Australia’s Nature’s Way is one of this country’s most epic, cinematic and stunning road trips there is … and that’s saying something! From the towering gorges of Nitmiluk National Park, to the waterfalls of Litchfield National Park and the giant splendour of Kakadu, this great drive […]

Tired of Expensive Airport Car Parking Bills? 5 Great Tips to Help Lower the Costs

Airport, Departure Boards, Gate Closed

  There’s few things worse in my opinion as a budget traveller, than those hidden fees that sneak their way into your holiday costs. You know, the ones you hadn’t budgeted for that mean you end up spending way more than you planned. What’s even more annoying is when these expenses aren’t even really part […]

12 Easy Ways To Save Money When Travelling the US

Easy Ways to Save Money When Visiting in the US

  We are Phil and Kelsey Schaub, together with our 2 cats (Pedro and Paxton) we travel the US as travelling Physical Therapists. By the time this year is finished, we will have been travelling for 18 months and have driven almost 20,000 miles around the country. Because of all that travelling, we have developed […]

10 Best FREE Things to do in Airlie Beach

Things to do in Airlie Beach

  The backpacker mecca of Airlie Beach is the main hop-on point for the famous Whitsunday sailing tours that seem to be on everyone’s list. It’s also a renowned party spot, with a permanent holiday feel where the good times never stop rolling. But there’s also a lot more to Airlie Beach as I discovered […]