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21 Best Things to Do in Madeira

21 Best Things to Do in Madeira

Honestly, who knew the small island of Madeira was jampacked with so many amazing things to do? Not me, that’s for sure! That is, not until I spent 9 epic days exploring the length and breadth of this Portuguese archipelago and realised that I could have done with even longer to absorb the wealth of […]

8 Top Lisbon Day Trips

8 Best Lisbon Day Trips

There’s no question Lisbon is now a huge hit when it comes to European city trips. Not least because it offers some incredible day trips! Oozing creative and cultural flair, what this city doesn’t offer among its charming streets, quaint cafes and boutique shops, it certainly will boast from its epic lookouts, superb bar scene […]

Castles in Sintra: Which Ones to Visit & How Best to See Them

Castles in Sintra Which Ones to Visit

  Located just 30km from Lisbon, the UNESCO-listed castles of Sintra are a must-see during your time in the Portuguese capital. No matter whether it’s a half day tour you opt for, or a full DIY day trip you embark on, seeing these magnificent castles, dotted among the Sintra-Cascais National Park, are certainly something you […]

11 Best Cities to Visit in Spain

11 Best Cities to Visit in Spain

No question in my mind that Spain is filled with incredible cities, so much so in fact, that you’re unlikely to be able to visit them all in one trip – unless you’re embarking on a really hardcore itinerary that is! And that means, of course, that it’s likely you’ll have to select which cities […]

5 Best Wineries in the Douro Valley + How to Visit Them

5 Best Wineries in the Douro Valley + How to Visit Them

Ahh the Douro Valley, what a dream this picturesque region of Portugal this is! Filled with beautiful countryside, stunning river views and cute-as-a-button towns, it really is a must on your Portugal itinerary as far as I’m concerned! But as lovely as the scenery is, let’s be real…  90% of us also visit this place […]

How to Visit the Douro Valley from Porto: Best Trips + Tips

How to Visit the Douro Valley from Porto

Just a few hours away from Porto, there’s no question that if you’re in this city, even for just a couple of days, that a trip to the Douro Valley is well worth it. The port capital of Portugal (and therefore the world!), this gorgeous valley is awash with small independent wineries, whose vined-laden fields […]

7 Cities in Southern Spain You Have to Visit

7 Best Cities in Southern Spain

It has to be said that southern Spain really is one of my favourite parts of this country. Largely known as the region of Andalusia, this fascinating area is awash with Moorish architecture, beautiful beaches, historic cities, great food and some awesome flamenco shows! Many of Spain’s top tourist attractions can be found down here […]

Complete Guide to Visiting the Alcazaba in Malaga

Complete Guide to Visiting the Alcazaba in Malaga

One of Malaga’s top attractions, the Alcazaba is a must-see spot during your time in this fabulous Andalusian city. Rising above the historic centre, this ancient fortress (which dates back to the first century), has withstood the test of time to defend the city across multiple invaders and empires throughout its chequered history. Bringing you […]

Best Way to Buy Alhambra Tickets + 5 Top Tips For Visiting

Best Way to Buy Your Alhambra Tickets

It’s the reason most people visit Granada, infact it’s the reason many people visit the region of Andalusia and it can be a reason many people even visit Spain. Yes the mighty UNESCO-listed Alhambra is an icon lots of us have on our travel bucket list and I’m happy to confirm it’s every bit as […]