Cologne Triangle: How to Catch this City’s Best Sunset

Cologne Triangle

If you’re coming to this fab German city, then you really can’t miss visiting the Cologne Triangle.

One of the top icons in the city, many tourists miss it out, largely because it lies across the bridge on the otherside of the river from the city’s historic centre.

But miss this iconic tower at your peril, because if you want to enjoy the best sunset views in Cologne, then this is the place to head for!

Yes forget the Cathedral climb (it is great, but not at the end of the day!), the only place you want to be to get the best views over this German city during golden hour is the Cologne Triangle.

So read on to discover how to get there, how much you’ll need to pay and why this was one of my fav spots to visit in Cologne…

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Why Visit the Cologne Triangle?

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As I mentioned in my introduction, the Cologne Triangle is the best place to head for a superb sunset view over the city.

In fact, it’s the only place you should head in my opinion, so if you have just one day in this city, make sure you get to the Cologne Triangle during golden hour.

Many travellers head to the Cologne Cathedral instead, believing the climb up the Tower of this impressive Gothic giant will surely be worth it at sunset.

But let me tell you, they are wrong!

And why is that?

Well, quite simply the Cathedral sits on the west bank of the River Rhine that flows through this city.

This means you don’t get a view over the whole city with the sunset dropping in the background from the Cathedral.

Instead, you get a bit of a view of a small section of the city with the colours behind, but the vast majority of the views will face away from the setting sun.

In addition, large parts of the view from the top of the Cathedral are obscured by safety netting too, which doesn’t create the best photos I can tell you!

Instead, the Cologne Triangle sits on the east bank of the Rhine, meaning you get views over the whole city (including the Cathedral) and the river, with the setting sun dropping beautifully in the background.

Add to this the fact that the full-glass-fronted, 360 degree observatory on top of this 103m building gives you the perfect unobstructed views, and you’ve got yourself a winner!

In my experience, the Cologne Triangle is also less crowded, there’s more space to move, sit down and relax and, all in all, it makes for a more sedate and enjoyable sundowner experience.

In general, tourists only go to the Cologne Triangle for the observatory on the top of the building, there’s nothing else of interest for them to see inside, but if you want to get the best views and snaps of the city, then a trip here should not be missed!


Where is It?

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But how to find and get to the Cologne Triangle?

Well, to be honest, it isn’t the most straightforward (even if you can see it from miles around!), because once you get over to the east bank of the Rhine, knowing where the access door is for the Triangle can be a little confusing!

For clarity, the address is Ottoplatz , 50679 Köln, Deutschland.

The telephone number in case you get lost is +49 2234 9921-555.

You can also email them at [email protected]

The first step you need to take to get to the Cologne Triangle is to head to the Cologne Cathedral, then go down the steps to the Ludwig Museum and then walk across the Hohenzollern Bridge.

Trains will rattle past you, but there’s a safe pedestrian and bike-only path running alongside. You can also get gorgeous snaps of the Rhine from up here too.

Once you’re over the bridge, head down and along the riverside promenade, past the restaurants and bars, until you reach Hermann-Pünder-Straße. Turn left into this street.

Continue walking, until you see the Triangle on your left and there’s a small square.

You’ll know you’re in the right place because there’s a tall, yellow art installation pillar with a water fountain below it.

Keep walking around to your left and you’ll then see the correct door to enter for the Cologne Triangle access.

There’s a tall, rectangular, red pillar outside saying ‘Cologne View’ – you can’t miss it!

Enter the ground floor doors that lie just beyond this.

It might sound obvious, but I’m making it explicitly clear because there’s actually lots of tower blocks / entrances here, and I went into the wrong one and got told off by a security guard, so you have been warned!

Alternatively, the walk from the Köln Messe/Deutz station to the Cologne Triangle is about 4 minutes.

If you want to drive here, then it’s useful to know that paid parking facilities are available in the garage below the building, which is open 24 hours.


Costs, Access & Opening Times

Germany, Cologne, Triangle

Once you enter the ground floor doors of the Cologne Triangle, you’ll find the entrance tickets.

These cost 5€ and must be paid in cash, so ensure you bring some change with you!

For groups of 5 people, tickets cost 4€ each and children up to 12 are free.

Once you have your ticket, you’ll then go up in the lift, which will give you easy access to the rooftop observatory.

There’s no time limit on your ticket, so go at your own pace.

Access to the Cologne Triangle observation deck is available Monday to Sunday 11am to 8pm, so as long as you leave by then, you’re fine!

Disabled access is possible in the lift and there are toilets at the top, including some with disabled access facilities too.

Please note, there isn’t a café or any refreshments available at the observation deck… are they missing a trick?

I think so!


History & Architecture

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The Cologne triangle, which is of course called the KölnTriangle in German, is 103m tall as I mentioned, which makes it the 83rd tallest building in the country.

It’s a prominent Cologne landmark, and is the headquarters of the European Aviation Safety Agency.

The building was designed by Dörte Gatermann, a Cologne-based architecture firm, and was completed in 2006.

This makes it a lot newer than the Cathedral and is exactly why it’s also easier to take in the view from up here!


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Cologne Mini Travel Guide

Germany. Cologne, Rhine and Cityscape

When to Visit?

I definitely recommend visiting Cologne in the summer months of June through September, when the warm weather will give the best take on this city and the views from the Cologne Triangle.

The other great time to visit is during December, when the famous German Christmas markets of this city are in full flow!


How to Get to Cologne?

The international Cologne Bonn Airport is the best place to fly into if you’re travelling from further afield.

As always, I use Skyscanner to find the cheapest flight deals.

Otherwise, if you’re travelling to Cologne from across Germany or a nearby country such as Belgium, the Netherlands, France, the Czech Republic or Austria, trains and buses will likely be easier.

Trainline is my go-to website for booking all rail travel across Europe, because they easily compare a huge range of journeys based on duration, number of changes and price. You can also pay in GBP USD or EUR.

Otherwise, when it comes to budget bus travel to Cologne, it has to be Flixbus.

I’ve used this company a ton myself in Europe and know that it’s hard to beat their incredible prices!


How Long to Spend There?

Cologne has a small city centre that you should be able to cover in a day or 2.

This top-rated Cologne & Limburg full day tour is a great option if you want a guide to show you around.

Otherwise, this street art tour in the Ehrenfeld District is another winner.


Where to Stay?

For a list of recommended places to stay in Cologne, check out these great options.


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Cologne Triangle The City's Best Sunset


So that’s my complete guide to the Cologne Triangle – the best sunset viewing spot in this city.

Hopefully you’ve found this information useful, but any other top tips you have to add that could help a fellow traveller out, please drop them into the comments box below.

I’d love to hear from you…


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