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Top 5 Experiences for Tours in Lhasa, Tibet

Top 5 Tour Experiences to Have in Lhasa, Tibet

Located mightily and beautifully on the slopes of Northern Himalayas the 1,300-year old capital city of Tibet, Lhasa is an utterly unique destination. The most popular location in the country for travellers, it’s no surprise given the sights on offer here! From the breathtaking views of Potala Palace to the pilgrim crowds around Barkhor Street, […]

10 Sensational Reasons to Visit Myanmar

10 Sensational Reasons to Visit Myanmar

  Myanmar is a wonderful country for solo travellers in Asia. Aside from the fact that it is both friendly and safe, this charming destination offers unique travel experiences that differ wildly from anywhere else on earth. Perfect for budget travellers too – given the choice of accommodation and comfortable transportation at very reasonable prices, […]

Trabug : Helping You Stay Connected For Less During Your Travels in India


  India is a land of colourful chaos and curious cultures that rub against each other in a vibrant balance not found anywhere else on earth. It is diverse and beautiful. It is huge and welcoming. But while it’s all these great things, India is also a little difficult to understand! If like me, you’re […]

How One Travel Lover Turned Her Passion Into An Online Ethical Store

Temples and Markets feature

  It’s what we all dream of, isn’t it? Turning travel into a sustainable lifestyle. Anyone whose ever been on an adventure to some magical faraway lands and become intoxicated with the culture and countryside there can’t help but feel the same. “Wouldn’t it be fantastic if I could return here again and again, keeping […]

5 Reasons I Can’t Wait to Visit Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia

  Unbelievably, I’m yet to explore the continent of Asia at all. Somehow I feel like I might be saving the best for last! From scuba diving the Philippines to yoga in India, from trekking in Nepal to exploring the temples of Cambodia, I can’t wait to explore the length and breadth of this diverse […]