How One Travel Lover Turned Her Passion Into An Online Ethical Store

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It’s what we all dream of, isn’t it?

Turning travel into a sustainable lifestyle.

Anyone whose ever been on an adventure to some magical faraway lands and become intoxicated with the culture and countryside there can’t help but feel the same.

“Wouldn’t it be fantastic if I could return here again and again, keeping a connection with this place, perhaps living and even working here.”

Well that is just what Judith Treanor has achieved with her fabulous new online store Temples and Markets.

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Originally from the UK, Judith set sail for Australia 20 years ago as a backpacker.

On the way, she discovered the region of Southeast Asia, where the communities, cuisine and creativity in this diverse and very different part of the world, quickly found their way into her heart.

But alongside the beautiful beaches, sensational sunshine and amazing architecture, what captured Judith most was the incredible array of artists she met and the wonderfully innovative beautiful products they were creating from local materials and traditional technologies.

From the simplest bead necklace, to the most sophisticated woven handbags, Judith was enthralled by the diversity and skill of the many creators across the Southeast Asian region.

Thailand, Chiang Rai, Lady Buddha

Fascinated by their innovative methods of production, she started speaking to as many as she could, collecting their stories and learning more about their methods and designs.

And, of course, buying a thing or two along the way as well!

Finally reaching Australia, Judith found herself being asked time and time again, where she’d bought that beautiful handbag or gorgeous necklace.

Often it was people who had also visited South East Asia that recognised the styles and designs of what Judith was wearing or carrying … and loved them!

They wanted to know where they could buy similar products that brought back such happy memories of their wonderful travels and happy holidays.

And so the idea for Temples and Markets was born!

Thailand, Chaing Mai, Local Lady

An online store that showcases a range of eye-catching, head-turning products from local Southeast Asian artisans, Temples and Markets is committed to supplying unique gifts and pieces of art that bring the magic of this captivating destination back to people thousands of miles away, helping those who may regret not having bought something while they were there.

Because we’ve all been there right?

We’ve all been the one who has returned home from an incredible time of travel only to regret not having purchased more fabulous items from our adventures, travel keepsakes that would bring back memories for years to come and unique gifts for friends and family that would bring smiles and turn heads.

Coined by Judith as ‘buyers regrets’, Temples and Markets was created to stop this happening.

No matter where in the world you are, this incredible online store will allow you to feel, see and experience the sense of Southeast Asia again.

With a career background in buying and merchandising, as well as success as an award winning Interior Design, Judith is well placed to handpick, as she does, the most distinguished, high quality and fabulous products for Temples and Markets.

Thailand, Bangkok, Floating Market

Ranging from home décor pieces, to clothing items, accessories and even jewellery, the scope of products on offer at Temples and Markets is both large and refined.

I particularly love many of the prints she has in her highly individualised store, which largely showcase the unique architecture and natural flora of Southeast Asia.

These evocative artworks immediately transported me to this part of the world, drawing in the atmosphere and sensory experience of this exotic destination.

The Krama Cotton Scarf and The Rectangle Bruno Basket Bag are another 2 favourites of mine.

And what’s so great to know, is that each of these pieces, like everything in Temples and Markets, has been especially chosen and curated by Judith as part of a store with a unique mission.

Cambodia, Angkor Wat Sunrise 7

Because Temples and Markets is unique.

With 98% of everything in this new and innovative store being handmade and each item being personally sourced from the suppliers, designers and artisans who make them, this is a store with a difference.

Perhaps what makes Temples and Markets stand out the most however, is its committed to ethical practices.

It is an ethical online store.

While, every piece is personally selected and sourced, Judith is determined to go one step further and allow each buyer to access the story of their bag or bracelet or basket as well.

That means from the person who made it, to how they made it, the materials used and the country that cultivated their creativity, Temples and Markets allows its customers a direct window into the life and evolution of its products.

Cambodia, Siem Reap, Ibis Styles Art

Indeed, every product in Temples and Markets has a story, which is unique as the product itself and every customer is able to connect with this.

For Judith, with her passionate alignment to Southeast Asia, this part of the business is crucial.

She very much wanted to provide a forum for emerging designers in this part of the world to form relationships with customers they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

To bring markets and producers together in closer in more transparent ways is exactly what Temples and Markets has achieved.

Judith is also committed to the idea of supporting organisations working to improve their local communities through employment opportunities and training.

Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh, Walking Street

By celebrating local crafts and creations, the online ethical store, Temples and Markets, is able to assist in the process of developing sustainable economies in many disadvantaged communities across Southeast Asia.

Now Judith is living the dream of returning again and again to the place she loves most in the world, getting back to the region as often as she can.

Strongly believing it is the people you meet who make a holiday, on each visit to Southeast Asia she now sources new products and new suppliers, collecting stories and creations to share with her customers.

This is how one travel lover has managed to turn her passion into a sustainable lifestyle, working and living in a part of the world she feels a very deep connection with.

It’s an inspiring and motivating story for us all and with Christmas just around the corner, I certainly know I’ll be turning to Temples and Markets in the coming weeks, as I look to source some wonderfully unique and high quality gifts for my loved ones at home.



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4 thoughts on “How One Travel Lover Turned Her Passion Into An Online Ethical Store

    • Steph says:

      Awesome Jaynie, they’ve got some really beautiful stuff, so I’m sure you’ll find some awesome gifts if you’re disorganised and haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet like me!

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