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13 Epic Things to Do in Amman, Jordan

Top 13 Things to Do in Amman, Jordan

  Amman in Jordan is possibly the most chilled capital I’ve ever been in! Arriving here from Cairo, I could scarcely believe it when I woke up to find myself in the most, relaxed, stress-free and quiet of cities, where life rarely even seems to stir before 10am! But once it does get going, there’s […]

Complete Travel Guide to Selçuk, Turkey

Complete Travel Guide to Selçuk, Turkey

The Turkish town of Selçuk, just inland from the Aegean coast, is a small, provincial and peaceful place that is likely to bring some welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of Turkey’s other major cities. Indeed after the size of Istanbul and the franticness of my schedule in Cappadocia, I was beyond delighted to […]

14 Amazing Things to Do in Cappadocia + Itinerary

14 Amazing Things to Do in Cappadocia

If there’s anywhere in Turkey that you’ve seen or heard about on Instagram, Facebook or the internet at large, it’s probably Cappadocia. Am I right, or am I right? Yes this geographically striking, visually spellbinding and utterly unique spot in Turkey’s central highlands is just so picturesque, it’s no wonder it’s as famous as it […]

Why Hiking Lebanon is the Perfect Way to See this Epic Country

Why Hiking Lebanon is the Perfect Way to Get Off the Beaten Track in this Epic Country

If you’ve read any of my posts on this blog, you’ll know getting off the beaten track is one of my favourite things to do. And hiking Lebanon with the fantastic company, Trekking Lebanon, was the perfect way to do just that! A totally delightful way to discover some of the local-only known parts of […]

Top Tips for Visiting Petra for Less

Tips for Visiting Petra for Less, Jordan

One of the 7 new wonders of the world, Petra is, quite simply, an amazing, must-see travel spot. A veritable bucket list item in fact! If you weren’t already inspired, no doubt Instagram has had you marvelling at pictures of this sensational ancient city, buried deep in the desert and known about only by the […]

Discovering the Stunning Cedars with Explore Lebanon Tours

Lebanon Tours to the Cedars

  It’s a well-known fact that my family always laugh at me because I say how AMAZING each new travel destination I discover is. But seriously, Lebanon is AMAZING! And hitting the gorgeous northern area of this country with Explore Lebanon Tours was perfect testimony to this. Here’s why my amazing trip with this company […]

The #1 Tel Aviv Hostel

The Number 1 Tel Aviv Hostel

 Fun, young, lively and hip, Tel Aviv is probably the top backpacker city in the Middle East. From cute cafes, great galleries, hummus bars and of course the Mediterranean beach on its doorstep, this is a city that likes to play hard and work hard in equal measure. It’s not surprising then that it’s such […]

Best 5 Day Jerusalem Itinerary

Top Jerusalem Itinerary for Those on a Budget

Looking to travel to Jerusalem? Then here’s the perfect 5 day itinerary… Layer upon layer, story upon story, history upon history, stone upon stone, the city of Jerusalem has been built conquered, torn down and rebuilt perhaps more than any other in the world. It’s impossible for a short-term traveller here to even begin to […]

The Best Jerusalem Hostel: Stay Inn… Don’t Leave!

The Best Hostel in Jerusalem

Now in my 30’s and digital nomading around the world, I’m largely past being able to cope with dorms I’m afraid. However that doesn’t mean I don’t want to meet other travellers, enjoy activities together and relax in a price-friendly place that feels spirited and soulful. I also want nooks where I can curl up […]