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Can You Day Trip to Porto from Lisbon?

Can You Day Trip to Porto from Lisbon

So you’re travelling to Portugal and want to enjoy both of this country’s top cities in a short amount of time? Then read on, because this post will be perfect for you! Answering all the questions you have around whether you can, and should, day trip to Porto from Lisbon, I’ll provide all the travel […]

Amazing 2 Day Porto Itinerary

Your Ideal 2 Day Porto Itinerary

Is it my favourite Portuguese city? It probably is! Yes just beating Lisbon to the top spot, you’ll find out why I made this controversial decision by reading this amazing 2 day Porto itinerary I put together. In it, I detail why I ended up preferring Portugal’s second city and how I can help you […]

How to Travel from Lisbon to Porto

How to Travel from Lisbon to Porto

Ahh the beautiful Portuguese cities of Lisbon and Porto make me go all weak at the knees! Situated in the middle and north of the country respectively, there’s no question these are 2 of Portugal’s top tourist destinations, filled as they are with glorious historical sites, charming shops, some great day trips and delicious food […]

What to Pack for Portugal: Complete Travel List

What to Pack for Portugal

Growing ever more popular, Portugal is officially the spot to head in Western Europe now for an amazing holiday in a warm climate that won’t cost you the earth! With stunning coastline, a pleasant Mediterranean climate, some incredible cities to explore, tons of history, great hiking and let’s not forget some delicious port tasting thrown […]

Porto Day Trips: 8 Best Options

Top 8 Day Trips from Porto

If you’ve read any other posts from my travels in Portugal, you’ll know that I absolutely loved my time in the country. And a key part of this was the sheer diversity of experiences that visiting this part of the Iberian peninsula has in store for travellers. And Porto is no exception! A historic city, […]

Top 17 Things to Do in Porto

Top 17 Things to Do in Porto

Portugal’s second city, Porto has really only been on the travel radar since 2010, but what a splash this latecomer has made! Now a firm fixture on the European circuit, if you’re feeling like every woman and her dog is travelling to Lisbon, then Porto could be the perfect alternative. Situated in the north of […]

7 Cities in Southern Spain You Have to Visit

7 Best Cities in Southern Spain

It has to be said that southern Spain really is one of my favourite parts of this country. Largely known as the region of Andalusia, this fascinating area is awash with Moorish architecture, beautiful beaches, historic cities, great food and some awesome flamenco shows! Many of Spain’s top tourist attractions can be found down here […]

7 Best Walks in Spain

7 Best Walks in Spain

Spain really is one of my favourite countries to visit in Europe, not least because of the amazing walking opportunities it offers. Sunny, culturally vibrant and with bucket loads of history, what I love most of all about Spain however are the views and landscapes, which are out of this world! And what better way […]