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Lisbon to Sintra by Train: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Travel from Lisbon to Sintra by Train

Sintra is an absolute must-do when it comes to day trips from Lisbon in my opinion. Even if you only have a few days in this capital, I highly recommend heading out of the city to enjoy the cute town and amazing castles of Sintra. Looking like something out of a Disney movie, with its […]

How to Spend A Perfect Day in Manchester

How to Spend a Day in Manchester

One of the great things about Manchester is that it’s so easy to get to from many parts of the UK. Be it London, Leeds, Birmingham or Cardiff, Manchester is accessible from all these cities in just a few hours by train, which makes it ideal day trip material. Whether it’s visiting one of the […]

The Ultimate 10 Day Spain Itinerary

The Best 10 Day Spain Itinerary

I’ve got to say, I’m very excited that you’ve clicked to read this article about the best 10 day travel itinerary for Spain because it probably means you’ve booked, or are about to book, a seriously brilliant holiday! Yes, when it comes to amazing trips that cover a lot of different landscapes – from historic […]

11 Best Cities to Visit in Spain

11 Best Cities to Visit in Spain

No question in my mind that Spain is filled with incredible cities, so much so in fact, that you’re unlikely to be able to visit them all in one trip – unless you’re embarking on a really hardcore itinerary that is! And that means, of course, that it’s likely you’ll have to select which cities […]

5 Best Wineries in the Douro Valley + How to Visit Them

5 Best Wineries in the Douro Valley + How to Visit Them

Ahh the Douro Valley, what a dream this picturesque region of Portugal this is! Filled with beautiful countryside, stunning river views and cute-as-a-button towns, it really is a must on your Portugal itinerary as far as I’m concerned! But as lovely as the scenery is, let’s be real…  90% of us also visit this place […]

How to Visit the Douro Valley from Porto: Best Trips + Tips

How to Visit the Douro Valley from Porto

Just a few hours away from Porto, there’s no question that if you’re in this city, even for just a couple of days, that a trip to the Douro Valley is well worth it. The port capital of Portugal (and therefore the world!), this gorgeous valley is awash with small independent wineries, whose vined-laden fields […]

10 Best Airbnbs in Porto

10 Best Airbnbs in Porto

If you’re looking for a slice of authentic Portuguese culture, with a hint of crumbling charm thrown in for good measure, then Porto is a gem of a city!  And let’s be honest… who isn’t up for a bit of that?! One of the cheapest spots in Portugal too (and great for budget travellers), the […]

Perfect Spanish Packing List: Tried & Tested!

The Perfect Spanish Packing List Tried & Tested!

It’s always been a winner of a destination and let’s be honest, it’s a winner for a reason! Yes, with plenty of stunning coastline, a pleasant climate, some incredible cities to explore, tons of history, great hiking and let’s not forget, a good dose of juicy jamon (for the meat-eaters among you!) thrown in for […]

Can You Day Trip to Porto from Lisbon?

Can You Day Trip to Porto from Lisbon

So you’re travelling to Portugal and want to enjoy both of this country’s top cities in a short amount of time? Then read on, because this post will be perfect for you! Answering all the questions you have around whether you can, and should, day trip to Porto from Lisbon, I’ll provide all the travel […]

Amazing 2 Day Porto Itinerary

Your Ideal 2 Day Porto Itinerary

Is it my favourite Portuguese city? It probably is! Yes just beating Lisbon to the top spot, you’ll find out why I made this controversial decision by reading this amazing 2 day Porto itinerary I put together. In it, I detail why I ended up preferring Portugal’s second city and how I can help you […]