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Top 10 FREE Things to Do in Mackay, Australia

Things to do in Mackay

  From glorious beaches and fabulous national parks to a strong sense of history and rich cultural assets, Mackay is blossoming into a great Australian travel destination. Located on the coast in Tropical North Queensland, the city has long been popular with home-grown tourists. It’s now expanding its horizons however and attracting a large amount […]

How to Explore Athens Like a Local

How to Explore Athens Like a Local

Exploring a city that you haven’t visited before is one of life’s great experiences, especially when it’s one of the top cities in Western Europe. Exploring it like a local, well, that’s even more amazing! When it comes to doing it how the locals do however, there are so many questions… Where do people eat? […]

Best 10 Things To Do in Bogota, Colombia

Best 10 Things To Do in Bogota, Colombia

High in the lofty Andes, the city of Bogota is the social, cultural and financial pinnacle of Colombia. Brilliantly showcasing much of what this stunning country has to offer, the capital blends a busy modern metropolis, with an undeniably Latin beat and bounce that sees super street art sitting next to world-class galleries, tasty street […]

10 Best Things to do in Brisbane, Australia

Best Things to do in Brisbane

  I love Brisbane more and more every time I travel there. As the capital of Queensland, it’s a lively Australian destination, but still fairly small on a world scale, with just over 2 million people living there. Yet this is one of Brisbane’s great charms. Certainly not as sprawling as Sydney or Melbourne, but […]

10 Best Apps for City Tourists

10 Best Apps for City Tourists

  Having been a latecomer to the smartphone world (I reluctantly swapped my beautiful brick of an old phone for one less than a year ago!) I’m now a fully-fledged lover and devotee of the smartphone revolution. Never is this more apparent than when I’m on the road; it is as a traveller that wonderful […]

21 FREE Things to Do in London the Locals Love

21 FREE Things to Do in London

  One of the most iconic cities in the world, when you visit London it’s hard not to get overwhelmed by the number of things to do there and how much it can all cost. But fear not, there’s a heap of free things to do in this great city which, after living there for […]

6 Best Budget-Friendly Things to Do in Nice, France

6 Best Things To Do in Nice on a Budget

Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the beautiful city of Nice is known for being one of France’s most popular tourist destinations. It is also renowned for being very elegant, exclusive and expensive – certainly not somewhere many people would initially conceive of as a budget travel destination! Having visited this glorious European city however, I wanted […]

A Guide to the Brisbane South Bank

A Guide to Brisbane South Bank

  Just across the river from the CBD, Brisbane’s South Bank is the centrally-located playground for locals and tourists alike in the city. Every time I visit Queensland’s capital, I love heading across to the South Bank to enjoy great food, great views, great art and, at the weekend, great markets too. The whole place has […]

13 Fab Things To Do in Chefchaouen, Morocco

13 Fab Things To Do in Chefchaouen, Morocco

The magical blue city in the north of Morocco, the secret of Chefchaouen is definitely out – especially compared to when I first visited 13 years ago! But this doesn’t make it any less wonderful as a result. No, quite amazingly given its compact size, the crumbling charm of this UNESCO-listed medina was no less […]