6 Best Things to Do: Fraser Island

The 6 Best Things to Do: Fraser Island


Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island and lies off the coast of Queensland in north-eastern Australia.

Originally formed by oceanic and great wind currents that brought vast quantities of sand up the coast from as far south as Antarctica, this huge sandy mound is now home to a diverse array of natural wildlife and vegetation and is managed and preserved by the Queensland authorities as an Australian National Park.

Originally known as K’gari, meaning Paradise, by the indigenous Butchulla people, Fraser Island really is hard to beat when its comes to idyllic spots.

In fact, the island is nothing short of a huge natural adventure park for adults with camping, hiking and swimming a plenty.

Definitely one of the best places I have visited in the world and a top recommendation for anyone travelling in Australia, here are the 6 best things to do Fraser Island – style!

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#1 Swim at Lake McKenzie

This was one of the first places I visited on Fraser Island and was blown away by the majestic red and gold colouring of this gorgeous body of freshwater.

Known for its changing hues, Lake McKenzie sits in the south of Fraser Island and taking a refreshing dip here is definitely one of the best things to do on Fraser Island.

Only a few km away is the equally gorgeous Lake Birrabeen which, when I was there looked totally different with its sparkling blue water and made for another great swim spot!


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#2 Marvel at Indian Head

Fraser Indian Head

Indian’s Head is the cliff that sits directly at the top of 75 Mile Beach, the sand stretch that spans Fraser’s eastern edge.

Clambering up to the headland here gives you stunning 360-degree views all the way back down those eastern shores as well as round the bend to Fraser’s northerly tip.

And the vista is simply breathtaking.

As you peer over the edge of the cliff to the drop below, the sparkle of the sea, the dirt red ground, the pure white sand and that brilliant cobalt blue sky all combine in a visual spectrum that makes Australia the breath-taking country it is.

When I was there, we even saw whales and a pod of dolphins swimming just beyond the cliff edge – talk about paradise and one of the best things to do Fraser Island-wise!


#3 Snap the Maheno Shipwreck

Maheno Shipwreck

The huge Maheno shipwreck is one of the most photographic spots on Fraser Island and hard to miss if you’re driving along 75 Mile Beach.

Strewn and rusting on the shoreline, this giant wreck looks quite splendid against an incoming tide.

Explore its ancient portholes with your camera and marvel at the force of nature that wrecked this World War I hospital ship as part of cyclone in 1935.

I got some great shots of the foamy tide rushing in against the boat and love the sense of movement they capture.



#1 Good Camera – You will be pretty much snapping non-stop in Australia and will need a good camera to do this gorgeous country justice. I highly recommend the Sony A6000, which I use for all my travels and love, not least because it’s light, compact and robust!

#2 Good Walking Shoes – There will be a lot of walking in Australia – from cities to national park! Make sure your feet are comfortable therefore with a pair of New Balance Trainers. Perfect for stylish strollling, I love mine.

#3 Good Guidebook – I’m still a massive fan of the Lonely Planet Guidebooks and do think their Australia edition is well put together.

#4 Good Water Bottle – Travelling in hot old Australia can be thirsty work, so make sure you have a metal water bottle that you can refill as you go, because tap water is drinkable… and free!

#5 Good Sun Hat – And there’s no denying you’ll need a good sun hat for protection in Australia too. In my opinion you can’t go past this Hello Sunshine one, which is both gorgeous and ideal for keeping the rays off your face.


#4 Dodge the Dingos

Fraser Dingo

Home to around 30 dingo packs, Fraser Island is a great place to see this iconic Australian wild dog.

Caution should be exercised of course, and the dingoes should never be approached or fed, but viewing them from a safe distance along the beach or near your campsite is a great way to marvel at this wonderful and increasingly rare species.

Despite having travelled through the Outback, Fraser Island is actually the place I’ve got closest to a dingo, albeit from the safety of a car, and I managed to get some great pics of these beautiful wild creatures while I was here.


#5 Sandboard at Lake Wabby

You may be thinking, oh not another lake, but this one really takes the biscuit!

That’s because Lake Wabby sits at the base of a giant towering sand dune.

The coloured sand of Fraser Island is simply stunning and contrasted against the striking blue of the sky here and the water Lake Wabby below, it is memorising.

On top of this, the adjacent sand dune also allows for plenty of creativity when it comes to getting into Lake Wabby.

Sandboarding, backflips and other stunts of aero-dynamics are all common sights from the people who come here to enjoy this winning spot.

Oh, and the gorgeous trek through the rainforest to get here isn’t bad either! Definitely one of the best things to do on Fraser Island!


#6 Ride Down Eli Creek

Eli Creek

Get your natural lazy-river experience on Fraser Island at Eli Creek – an estuary outlet flowing down to the sea at a pace that allows you to perfectly float along with it.

Passing wonderful subtropical rainforest on the way, it’s great so long as you remember to keep your bottom off the stony riverbed and get out before you reach the sea!

That’s because the ocean around Fraser Island is serious shark territory, so stay safe and enjoy Eli Creek before it joins the beach, it’s a great way to cool down.




So those are 6 of the best things to do: Fraser Island.

Have you been to this incredible place?

What were your highlights?


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