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Teach English Abroad


If you’ve clicked through to this article, then chances are you’re already sold on what a great idea it is to teach English abroad.

As a budget traveller, being able to work and travel is a key way in which I make my semi-nomadic lifestyle sustainable and using your skills as an English speaker is a great way to do this.

Not only does teaching English abroad potentially allow to you prolong your travels, but it can also engage you with local communities in new and exciting ways, as well as build your self- confidence and give you a whole heap of transferable skills that will benefit you time and time again in the future.

So if you are looking to make use of this wonderful opportunity in the future or you’ve already taken steps to teach English abroad, then can I please let you in on one of the greatest resources I recently discovered! … The International Teachers Association (or the ITA for short.)

Ok, so I know this doesn’t sound like the most sexy of resources (nothing with association in the title does right?), but stick with me here folks, because this is the club you want to be part of if you are at all interested in the dream opportunity to teach English abroad and I will tell you why…

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Hugely Discounted TEFL Courses

Free Computers

For a start, ITA offers you the opportunity to undertake a number of certified courses at hugely discounted rates – an absolute dream for budget travellers!

In fact, many of their popular courses are up to 40% cheaper that you’ll find elsewhere and they are all fully accredited, so you can rest assured that you’re not getting any less for your bargain price!

For example, a 120hr TEFL course with ITA will set you back only $220.80 AUD – that’s almost $200 cheaper than many other course providers.

TEFL is the leading organisation when it comes to qualifying people to teach English abroad and after taking this course through ITA you’ll be all set to go and follow your dreams of living and working overseas for a fraction of the price.


Free TEFL Scholarships


But wait a minute, there’s something even better than cheap prices that ITA offer. I know, it’s hard to believe right, but ITA are currently offering a number of free TEFL scholarships places.

Yes, for a chosen number of lucky applicants, ITA will whisk you away to Eastern Europe for a programme that combines 120 hours of fully sponsored TEFL training along with hands-on teaching experience all observed by trained supervisors.

This unbelievable deal is the ultimate way to get qualified to teach English abroad for free. Just listen to what you get:

  • 120hr, independently accredited, TEFL course
  • Stay in a 4-5* Hotel in the stunning countryside of Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic or Romania with 3 free meals a day and all hotel transfer costs included
  • Week-long teaching experience with over 130hrs of observed practice and individually tailored feedback to help develop your skills in the classroom
  • A 250 hour TEFL certificate upon successful completion.

Now, that’s hard to beat!

This Anglo-TEFL Scholarship is only available through ITA and is one of the main reasons I really think this company is such a great resource for budget travellers getting qualified to teach English abroad – I mean, who else gives you free stuff like this, seriously?!


Professional Development for Those Already Qualified


If you’re already qualified to teach English abroad however, then don’t think ITA isn’t for you.

No, these guys also provide a wealth of other accredited courses that can really help push your professional development and giving you the edge over other TEFL-qualified tutors in the global market.

Covering topics as diverse as Business English Courses and Teaching Young Learners, these specified courses will build upon your foundation qualifications to teach English abroad and help shape your career in foreign language education.

All ITA courses are fully sanctioned by the Accreditation Council for Distance Learning and ITA is a Training Qualification Approved Centre. As such, ITA is a resource you know you can trust when it comes to growing your career or bettering your job opportunities in the field.

ITA also provides some in-house courses – in fact, when you sign-up to become a member of ITA (do it for FREE at the bottom of this post), you’ll actually receive their General Tutoring Course for FREE too!

Normally priced at $80 AUD, this course is another great example of the wealth of resources ITA have to offer those who are serious about the great experience of teaching English abroad.


Global Job Board

Perhaps best of all however, is ITA’s job board, which gives you immediate and instant access to some of the best opportunities to teach English abroad.

With global job offers from Asia to Europe, Africa to the Americas, here you can browse hundreds of worldwide tutoring opportunities to help you start your new life around the globe.

ITA is committed to finding high-quality teachers for employers and to ensuring that all its members have only the best experiences while teaching locally or abroad.


Become a ITA Member for FREE NOW!

Solo Traveller

Normally priced at $74 AUD, Big World Small Pockets has teamed up with ITA to offer you their incredible range of benefits for FREE!

On top of everything else I’ve spoken about, becoming an ITA member also instantly connects you to a community of global tutors. This allows you to share tips and advice with fellow teachers, as well as help support and develop the practice of those also working in your field.

ITA membership also allows you to build your own online tutor profile and to use a branded electronic badge and signature for you CV / resume and emails when applying for jobs – giving your application an instant stamp of authority over others in the field.

So what are you waiting for? Find out why I really think ITA is the best resource if you want to teach English abroad!


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