Top 10 Budget Travel Items for the Health Conscious

Health Conscious


As part of my series on how you can make your journeys round the world happier and healthier, I’m bringing you my list of the top 10 budget travel items for the health conscious.

Make sure you’re fully prepared and able to have the best trip possible by including some of this great items on your packing list.

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#1 Chia Seeds

Packed full of antioxidants, fibre and omega-3, as well as plenty of essential mineral and nutrients, these little seed guys are awesome if you’re feeling rundown on the road and need some superfood assistance.

Small and light, its easy to take a packet of Chia Seeds travelling and then either sprinkle over your food or pop some into your drink.


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#2 Coconut Oil

Thailand, Chiang Mai, Coconut

The number 1 multi-purpose health and beauty item that all good travellers need!

Take a glass jar of this miracle oil in your pack and use it as a skin moisturiser, hair conditioner, cooking oil, salad dressing, anti-fungal cream or to heal cuts and scratches.

The jar might be heavy, but you get so much use out of Coconut Oil that you’ll save weight by not having to carry a multitude other items as well.


#3 Metal Water Bottle

Great for the environment and your budget, taking a water bottle away with you will save you a fortune – you won’t need to buy new ones all the time and your collection of old ones won’t be polluting the earth either.

We suggest a metal water bottle because although they’re a bit heavier limiting your use of plastics, especially around things you eat and drink, can reduce the number of toxins entering your system.

We love this Simply Smiliy model, because its stainless steel, BPA free and has a lifetime warranty!


#4 Natural Sunscreen

Mozambique, Bazaruto, Me

This is certainly a must if you’re heading somewhere sunny and an obvious one on any list of travel items for the health conscious.

Protecting your skin from UV rays is essential if you want to keep it looking young and healthy and we certainly recommend using sunscreen.

However, many conventional ones contain a worrying amount of chemicals that are absorbed straight into your system via your skin.

As such, we recommend using a natural alternative.

We’ve tried and tested a great number of these natural sunscreens and found that the Jasons range is very effective.

Their SPF 30 & 45 will give you great UV protection without those nasty chemicals, so you can catch some rays guilt-free.

UK residents can buy  the whole Jasons range online at the wonderful Ethical Superstore, who offer free delivery on purchases over £50. 

For US residents, the full Jasons range can easily be purchased online.


#5 Tea Bags

Malaysia, Cameron Highlands, Cup of Tea

Tea bags take up no room and weigh nothing making them one of the best travel items for the health conscious.

Just tip a box of them into a ziplock bag, seal and away you go.

Tea in general has a great calming effect on the body, so if you’re feeling stressed out or home sick, sitting down and relaxing with a hot drink can make you feel much better.

There are plenty of great herbal varieties with different benefits, but my personal recommendation would be to take green tea.

Great for the morning after a night out, green tea assists your liver in getting rid of nasty toxins and does wonders for your metabolism as well as giving your body a great boost of antioxidants.

Other great travel teas include peppermint, which is great for aiding digestion and ginger, which can help with motion sickness.


#6 Tea Tree Oil

Anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial the wonders of tea tree oil seem to go on and on.

It’s probably the number one essential oil I travel with, which is why its on this list of top travel items for the health conscious.

Its a staple in my first aid kit, as diluted it can be applied to scrapes and grazes or even gargled like a mouthwash to rid yourself of a sore throat.

It’s also a perfect ointment to put on insect bites to stop infection and quell any itching.

Beyond bodily uses, I also tend to put a drop or two of tea tree oil in with any washing I’m doing just to rid sweaty shirts or socks of any bacterial nasties.

This is particularly true if you are washing stuff in cold water as often happens while you’re on the road.

Finally tea tree oil has a great smell and can be used to freshen up on old bags or shoes in an instant. I also dilute it and use to clean surfaces before cooking or bathrooms that are a bit icky!


#7 Travel Insurance

Cambodia, Koh Rong Sanloem, Boat

At the risk of sounding like a bore, travel insurance is a really good thing.

Even as the greatest budget traveller, who basically spends money on nothing, I do make sure I buy some insurance before I go anywhere in the world.

You probably won’t get sick or hurt, but it sure is worth having the peace of mind to know that if you do, the financials are in place to help sort it out.

I always favour a travel policy that covers a wide range of medical situations, for example dentistry and activity-related injuries; this way I know can enjoy myself safely.

Check out World Nomads, who have some really great travel insurance policies specially tailored towards backpackers and long-term travellers


#8 Travel Pillow

Namibia, Solitaire, Car

Getting a good amount of sleep is crucial in staying fit and healthy while you’re travelling.

Yes, ear plugs and eye masks help, but a decent pillow will do wonders when it comes to getting some good shut-eye.

The Tempur Travel Pillow is a lifesaver when it comes to napping on plane or train journeys.

Specially designed to mould to the contours of your neck, the horseshoe design makes sure your head is properly supported for maximum comfort and rest.

Lightweight, with a washable cover and 3 year warranty, the Tempur Travel Pillow is one of our top travel items for the health conscious.


#9 Vitamins – Complete B

The B’s are essential to our physical well bring, but not always the easiest to source, especially for the vegetarians or vegans among us.

Taking a complete B vitamin supplement away with you will help your body get its daily requirement.

B1/2 are also excellent for keeping mosquitos away, so dose up if you want to remain bite-free!

*Just a note that B vitamins are always best taken in the morning as they can keep you awake at night if taken later in the day. Always read the label on any supplements and never take more than specified.


#10 Yoga Mat

Yoga Mats

Whether you’re a yoga nut or not, there’s a good chance that you may try a class or 2 while you’re away.

Often there are additional fees for hiring mats at classes, so save yourself the cash and take a mat with you from home.

Having your own mat will also allow you to practice yoga or, at the very least, do some stretches when there isn’t a class and you have nothing but a lazy day at the beach scheduled for your day.

I also recommend travelling with a yoga mat as they also make great sleeping mats during camping adventures or great beach mats when put under your towel.

We love the Balance From: Go Yoga range, because they are lightweight and come with a travel strap – great for hitching to your bag!

These yoga mats are also extra thick, making them more comfy as a sleeping mat, and are built with anti-tear technology.

They also come with a  2-year warranty.



Travel Items for the Health Conscious


So those are my top 10 budget travel items for the health conscious.

Do you agree?

Have any suggestions about things I’ve missed?

Do let me know your list of healthy travel items in the comments box below…


4 thoughts on “Top 10 Budget Travel Items for the Health Conscious

  1. Lindsay says:

    Love this, thank you for posting! I’m totally a believer — I already use every one of these products on a daily basis (ok, except the travel pillow). I’m wondering, though, if you have advice on restocking during an extended trip? I’m gearing up for a year on the road, but up until now the longest I’ve traveled continuously has only been 2 months. I can’t imagine packing a year’s worth of B vitamins and chia seeds. What do you think is the best way to stay stocked up? Thanks for the help!! 🙂

    • Steph says:

      Hi Lindsay, thanks for the comments and glad you liked the article. I recommend taking enough to last you a month or two and then stocking up wherever you can on the road! It depends where you’re travelling in the year – obviously Europe and North America will have a more readily available supply of superfoods, but even in Asia or Latin America many major cities or expat areas will have these things. Stock up there while you can. The other beauty is that many of the things we count as superfoods are actually grown in these parts for the world – coconuts, chia seeds, cacao, quinoa, maca etc so they are cheap and plentiful! hoorah!

    • Steph says:

      Definitely check out the chia Becky, they’re a must have – super nutritious and so easy to work into your diet whilst on the road! As always try to get organic if you can 🙂

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