Gelert Mongoose 2 : Is this the Best Backpacker Tent?

Gelert Mongoose 2 - Is this the Best Backpacker Tent


The Gelert Mongoose 2 is the 2 person tent that I backpacked happily with for 2 years.

Evidently it’s all about the 2’s!

From the steamy tropics of Nicaragua to the Andean heights of Ecuador, from Northern Australia to the south of the UK, I’ve relied on this tent in thick and thin and it’s never let me down.

After 2 years, I still have not had a bust pole or a damaged fly.

As such, I feel it’s my duty to let others know about both this tent’s durability and usefulness and to ask whether the Gelert Mongoose 2 is the best backpacker tent around?

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Gelert Mongoose 2, Colombia



Firstly I’d like to say that the Gelert Mongoose 2 is extremely lightweight.

At just over 3kg and with a pack size of only 42 x 15 x 15 cm, it’s ideal for fitting into any backpack or for being strapped to the outside as I do with mine.

In fact, I reduce the weight of the Mongoose down even further by leaving some of the pegs at home, as I find I rarely use them all.

Gelert Mongoose 2, Australia


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2 Man Tent

Although, it’s a 2 person tent, I generally travel solo with the Gelert Mongoose 2.

This is because if you’re travelling with any amount of stuff, even a fairly small backpack, you’ll need that space of an extra person in order to store your stuff.

If you’re planning on spending a fair bit of time in your tent, like months in Nicaragua or Costa Rica as I did, it’s also nice to have the space to stretch out a little and to take some stuff out of your bag.


Super Ventilation

One of my favourite features about the Gelert Mongoose 2 is the fact that you can completely detach the waterproof flysheet from the brilliant no-see-um mesh venting below.

This means that even in the hottest climates you are provided with the most ventilation possible.

It also means you are given an amazing night sky view, because you can actually lie the whole length of the tent, comfortable, bug-free and with a 180 degree view of the twinkling stars above you – genius!

Gelert Mongoose 2, Kakadu NP



The Gelert Mongoose 2 is also excellent in inclement weather as its great wedge design brilliantly withstands windy and rainy conditions.

This I can vouch for after the tropical downpours of Colombia!

The tent did leak eventually, but I still managed to sleep in it with enough dry space not to get my sleeping bag wet.

The tent’s weather resistant properties are certainly helpful when backpacking, especially if you’re travelling for longer periods of time or moving between climate zones.

Gelert Mongoose 2, Grass Camp


Double Doors

Another great feature of the Gelert Mongoose 2 is its double door system, which allows easy access for 2 people without one having to climb over the other – or in my case without having to scrabble over my backpack.

There is also a good vestibule area on each side of the tent too – made between the fly and the inner mesh layer.

This is great for storing hiking boots or other outdoor items you might have – therefore freeing up a bit more space inside.

Gelert Mongoose 2, Outback Camp



Talking of space, another feature I really value in the Gelert Mongoose 2 is the height of it.

Being a tall lady, it makes a real difference to able to sit up fully in the apex of this tent, something that is usually a rarity in small backpacker models.

I am also able to lie fully outstretched in my Gelert Mongoose 2 Tent, which is a godsend for a near 6 footer!

Both these advantages of length and height are created by the ingenious 2-pole wedge design of the Gelert Mongoose 2 which is also quick and easy to assemble. (I can normally get the thing up fully in around 10 minutes!)

Gelert Mongoose 2, Roof Camp


Outside Poles

Sadly, the tent is not freestanding, but fear not because, even when I’ve been unable to get any pegs into the ground, I’ve always found a tree, or the like, nearby which I can tie the tent to.

This is because the poles of the Gelert Mongoose 2 Tent sit largely on the outside of the fabric.

It is therefore easy for a piece string or similar to be knotted around the top of a pole and the other end tied to a nearby sturdy object.

So believe me, pegs alone are not necessary to keep this tent upright, only a bit of creativity! Thus the Gelert Mongoose 2 Tent can brilliantly be held up quite securely with almost anything, although I recommend always carrying some

Thus the Gelert Mongoose 2 Tent can brilliantly be held up quite securely with almost anything, although I recommend always carrying some string / rope with you anyway as a backpacker.

Gelert Mongoose 2, Bush Camp


Other Great Features

Inside the Gelert Mongoose 2 here are 4 handy inside pockets (2 by the doors and 2 hanging near the top of the apex).

There is also a handy fabric loop on the ceiling inside from which you can brilliantly hang a flashlight.

The tent also benefits from taped seams and a fire retardant inner, outer and groundsheet.

As I’ve said, the Gelert Mongoose 2 is easy to pitch, quick to dissemble and best of all, I always manage to fit it into the supplied carry bag 1st time!

This just demonstrates how well thought out and designed the Gelert Mongoose 2 Tent is and why I think it’s probably the best backpacker tent around.

Reinforcing the idea that the Gelert Mongoose 2 might be the best backpacker tent ever is the price, which is very competitive. In fact, for its budget price range, is amazing to believe you can get a tent of this quality and versatility.

In fact, for its budget price range, is amazing to believe you can get a tent of this quality and versatility.

So there you have it, the  Gelert Moongoose 2 Tent, probably the best backpacker tent around!

Update: As of August 2017, it sadly looks like the Gelert Mongoose 2 is no longer in stock.  As an alternative, I recommend these other great backpacker tents:

Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent
ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 2
Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person Tent

4 thoughts on “Gelert Mongoose 2 : Is this the Best Backpacker Tent?

  1. Elwin says:

    I also love this tent. I have it for many years now (the tent is from 2007), although it’s not perfect. Every year I need to change the poles in the front twice. The waterrestance, especialy the floor is not okay. With my 1,84meters I just fit inside. It certainly not made for two adults. When you go traveling where you don’t have the opportunity to dry the tent during daytime (in case it got wet), it’s better to look for something else. However in the many years that went by, this might have happend to me less then 4 times in the 50 times I traveled with it. But I learned to live with it, because the benefits of this tent are hugh. It’s lightweight (mine is 2,7 kg). After 14 years an other camper asked me this years or it’s a new one, and yes it still looks brand new. The inside tent is almost entirely open, so there is an good airstream. Often tents get damp from condensation. That won’t happen with the Mongoose. It has a lot of storing availability under the outer tent. Shoes etc, can stay outside this way easaly. I can sit up strait in it and move a bit around when I feel like. And it’s strong. It survived several storms.

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