I ♥ Noosa Farmers Market

Noosa Farmers Market

Every Sunday morning, there is only one place you’ll find me. I might be enjoying a smoothie, relaxing with a coffee, choosing my organic veg or discussing the latest in activated sourdough.

But whatever it is, you can bet it will be happening at Noosa Farmers Market.

As a severe lover of markets, I’ve been to quite a few in my lifetime.

In fact, anytime I go anywhere, I’ll try to visit a market if there is one. I love eating, I love fresh healthy products and I love supporting small businesses.

Markets combine all of these pleasures and bundle them into a cheap, fun and interactive activity that I simply can’t resist.

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Veg at Market

Australia is a market-lovers paradise!

Almost every town, no matter the size, has one at least once a month.

Normally taking place at the weekends, they’re often a backbone of community life as well as a decent tourist draw.


Just up the road from me here on the Sunshine Coast we have the Eumundi Market, which is Australia’s largest Artisan market.

It makes a great day trip and is open every Wednesday and Saturday morning.

As well as food, Eumundi offers arts, crafts, furniture, jewellery and clothes that are all handmade.

Like any good market it’s a feast for the senses and a real hive of activity.


However my favourite market is, fortunately enough, even than closer to me than Eumundi. Right on my doorstep, about a 5 minute drive away is the Noosa Farmers Market, which takes place every Sunday between 6am-12pm.

The market can be found at 155 Weyba Road, Noosaville, QLD 4566

There are plenty of breakfast and brunch options available at the market, so make sure you don’t eat anything before you come!

American pancakes are a hot favourite, as are the French Patisseries, Asian Dumplings and Turkish Breads.

You can drink Italian coffee and eat German sausages, so it really is a global feast!

Saying that, the market is mostly full of local suppliers and producers, many of whom come from the nearby hinterland to sell their produce.

From bananas, to basil, strawberries to spinach, all manner of fresh produce is available.

One of the reason that I love Noosa Farmers Market so much is because it allows us to buy all my yummy fruit and veg direct from the supplier, without having to give large supermarkets any of my money instead.

Herbs at Market

I also love Noosa Farmers Market because of its real emphasis on healthy, raw and organic food.

There are paleo treats available there to please the boy (including grass-fed beef and raw cheese), as well as plenty of vegan delights to keep me happy – including some of the best falafels I have ever tasted, along with incredible green, breakfast smoothies that are loaded with goodness and keep me full well past lunchtime – seriously you should see the size of them.

There is also a multiplicity of organic suppliers, including the wonderful Shambhala Farm crew, who supply me with beautiful, natural food to last the week, as well as Sunset Organics who have all the nuts, dried fruit, seeds and grains I could ask for.


There are also plenty of fermenting folk, like the Happy Sprout people, who produce all manner of live foods like yummy kimchi and the lovely weBake people, who make their own delicious sourdoughs.

My current favourite is the activated spelt bread, but I’m working my way through them all!

There’s also the Buchi bottlers, who make their own bubbly Kombucha batched in several different flavours – don’t miss out on the ginger and turmeric, it’s certainly one way to kick start your day!

Buchi at Market

Many of the market suppliers offer discounts on purchases when you return their jars and bottles and there are long-life market bags that can be purchased to help local charities. This is indicative of the environmental / community focus of the market and is another reason why  I enjoy shopping there.

It’s hard to beat Noosa Farmers Market as a sensory experience and as a foodie destination.

If you’re ever visiting the Sunshine Coast I highly recommend getting an early start to the day and checking it out.


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