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Salar de Uyuni Tours: Everything You Need to Know

Salar de Uyuni Tours

  One of my absolute highlights in South America, the Salar de Uyuni is, without doubt, one of the most remarkable sights on this continent. Situated high in Bolivia’s altiplano, this flat, expansive otherworldly landscape is truly unforgettable and certainly should not be missed during your trip to this part of the world. Best accessed […]

Best ALTERNATIVE Colca Canyon Tour For Getting Off the Beaten Track

Best ALTERNATIVE Colca Canyon Tour

  The thing I loved most about Peru, and probably the thing that surprised me about this country was that, despite being a wildly popular country with travellers, it’s still incredibly easy and cheap to get entirely away from the crowds to some of the epic hidden corners and authentic treasures that still lie largely […]

9 Reasons To Get “Travel Samoa” On Your Bucket List ASAP!

9 Reasons To Get “Travel Samoa” On Your Bucket List ASAP!

  I could keep this really simple and short and just say that the number 1 reason you need to get “travel Samoa” on your bucket list asap is because this place truly is paradise. Like seriously, picture postcard, perfect paradise. But that wouldn’t make a very interesting or useful article would it?! So it’s […]

21 Epic Things to Do in Samoa on a Budget

21 Epic Things to Do in Samoa on a Budget

  A hidden gem isolated in the remote Pacific, Samoa is a paradise just begging to be discovered. From tropical forests to world-class beaches, rich heritage attractions to unbelievable underwater adventures, there’s so much to do during a trip to this small island nation that my list of things to do there just didn’t seem […]

5 Epic Places to Visit in Argentina


  Tango, empanadas, glaciers, the Andes, and spectacular wineries – those are just some of the many things that will tempt you to come to Argentina. And on top of that, the country’s diverse landscape and varied climate make it a great place to visit at almost any time of the year. Head to some […]

Exploring Ethiopia’s Lake Tana and Blue Nile Falls

Exploring Ethiopia’s Lake Tana & Blue Nile Falls

  Another must-see destination in Ethiopia (yes another one!) is the city of Bahar Dar or Bahir Dir, depending on how you translate the Amharic alphabet! Yes confusing at the best of times, Ethiopia can be a puzzle, but I’m so delighted that my time in Bahar Dar was one of the least stressful and […]

Top 21 Things to Do in Jersey, Channel Islands inc 10 that are Free!

Top 21 Things to Do in Jersey

  Jersey, in the Channel Islands, is the most southerly part of Great Britain. Known for its rural heritage, delightful beaches, beautiful walking and interesting history, the island has a fascinating mix of English and French influences, which render it quite unique. Jersey also happens to be my “home” … well the place where I […]

Top 5 Recommended Hikes in Ecuador

Top 5 Recommended Hikes in Ecuador

  High in the Andes, nestled between the dominating countries of Peru and Colombia, the little gem of Ecuador manages to hold a charm all of its own. Blessed with an incredible geographical diversity that includes jungle, mountain and coastal landscapes, many say Ecuador has it all. And they’re not far wrong! For me, one […]