The One Thing Every Traveller Should Have In Their Home

The One Thing Every Traveller Should Have In Their Home feature


There’s nothing like entering a new foreign territory, filled with both nerves and excitement.

Nothing like that trek to the hostel, or to that Airbnb we’ve treated ourselves to, with the knowledge of a new adventure right on the horizon!

We love speaking to the locals, making new friends, and immersing ourselves in a completely new culture.

Argh, if we could, we’d be travelling the world all day every day.

Unfortunately, we all know that isn’t always possible.


But, what if your travels could come to you – in the form of some pretty awesome travel themed backdrops for your home?

Whether you’re a beach bum or a chic city breaker, there’s going to be something from Murals Wallpaper that will unleash your inner intrepid traveller, and help you get inspired for your next big adventure.

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Wondrous World Maps

Whether you use it for planning your next trip, or for reminiscing over past ventures, a World Map mural is the perfect way to incorporate your love for exploring the world into your home.

By adding a vintage map to a room, you can immediately bring a sense of mystery and discovery into your environment, as well as provide a stunning statement.

If you want more of a modern feel, then go for a colourful, more edgy design that still makes a big impact.

These world map murals are not only a really neat way of decorating, but they can be put to good use, too!

Why not grab a box of drawing pins and pin the places you’ve been (or where you want to go) and connect each one with string.

This way, you can create a completely personalised record of your travels, along with popping the odd photograph or plane ticket on there too. A great conversation piece for when you’ve got guests!


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Beach Bums

Love the feel of sand between your toes, the sea breeze in your hair and the warmth of the sun on your skin?

Especially in these winter months, this sounds like our idea of heaven!

So why not bring the sunshine back into your life with a beach-themed mural?

Perfect for welcoming some serenity and calm into your home, you can just imagine the waves lapping in, even if you’re just sat on the sofa eating take out and watching Netflix.


From the beaches of Bali to the Mediterranean sands, there is such a huge choice over at Murals Wallpaper that we kind of want one in every room!

Only the highest resolution images are used in these wall murals so you will really feel like you are sitting on your own private island – minus the palm trees and constant sunshine, of course!

The sunset shots are particularly lovely and the attention to detail in them really will make you feel as though you are standing on the edge of paradise. What more could you ask for?!


City Slickers

From London to Paris to Tokyo, cities across the world have provided us with some of the most iconic skyline scenes of all time.

But as well as jetting around the globe to gather memories of these views, you can also bring these breathtaking sights into your own home with some fantastic city wallpaper murals too.

Whether you prefer the peace and serenity of Venice’s canals or the twinkling lights of London at night, you can have the view of your favourite city right in your front room.

Each of the city wallpaper murals have been created with the most bright and vibrant colours to ensure only the clearest of pictures adorn the walls of your home.

Perfect for the wall of your living room or to add a different dimension to a master bedroom, you’ll feel as though you’re standing within the city itself every time you step inside.

That’s why the huge selection of city murals really are such a stunning addition to any traveller’s home.


The Big Apple

That said, nothing really compares to the buzz and the thrill of discovering a new city. Indeed, the hustle and bustle of a new culture can be exciting, and kind of romantic too!

If iconic skylines are your thing, then a big favourite of yours will probably be the New York mural, which perfectly captures just how epic this city really is.

Perfectly mirroring this famous destination, the New York mural designs really capture the serious sense of style inherent in this wonderful metropolis.

From a bird’s eye view of the Empire State Building, the dazzling lights of Times Square or the intricate infrastructure of historical buildings, monuments and the famous Brooklyn Bridge, the extensive range of New York City designs feature all of the iconic landmarks and stunning scenes from across the city.

So if you’re looking to bring some of your travels into your life at home, definitely take a look at the incredible range of designs at Murals Wallpaper.

Eye-catching, unique and sure to bring hundreds of amazing memories flooding back, their beautiful pieces really are the one thing every traveller should have in their home.




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