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Complete Svaneti Georgia Travel Guide: Best Itinerary + Tips

Svaneti Travel Guide

It wasn’t until my second visit to Georgia that I finally got to visit the fabled Svaneti region of the country – a part of this Caucasus  country that had been on my bucket list for ages. Famous for its unique culture and history, iconic Svan towers, epic hiking and remote mountainous landscape, just about […]

25 Best Things To Do in the Caucasus Countries

25 Best Things To Do in the Caucasus Countries

Is there a region more beguiling than the delightful than that of the Caucasus? Personally, I think not! Perched on the edge of Europe and Asia, the 3 countries of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan are a a veritable travellers’ feast and, best of all, not many people go there! The first time I set foot […]

Top 21 Things To Do in Georgia (the Country!)

The Top 21 Things To Do in Georgia

There’s so many amazing things to do in the country of Georgia, that I honestly had a hard time selecting just 21! Because, if you’ve read this blog at all before, you’re bound to know I’m pretty much madly in love with Georgia! The Caucasus gem that I instantly fell head over heels for, this […]

Complete Travel Guide to Tusheti, Georgia

The Ultimate Travel Guide To Tusheti in Georgia

Tusheti in Georgia? It’s one of my favourite places on earth! Located in eastern Georgia, and totally cut off during the winter season, this mountainous region is a unique and beautiful region full of small villages and alpine meadows. With some epic hiking, a strong authentic cultural community and stunning landscapes, I honestly, I don’t […]

Solo Female Travel in Armenia & Georgia: Is it Safe?

Solo Female Travel in Armenia & Georgia

It feels kind of ridiculous me writing this article, because I have to say, straight off the bat, that Armenia and Georgia are 2 of the countries I’ve felt safest in travelling as a solo female. No joke! However, I know many of you might not be aware of this if you haven’t been to […]

Only Packing List for Georgia & Armenia You Need!

The Only Packing List for Georgia & Armenia You'll Ever Need!

Oh the Caucasus! A delightful hidden region on the cusp of Europe and Asia, little did I realise the delights that lay in store for me before I travelled here on my first trip! But pretty much as soon as I got to this part of the world I fell in love with it, so […]

21 Things to Know Before You Travel Georgia

21 Things to Know Before You Travel Georgia

Oh Georgia (the country!), you really do have it all. Beautiful beaches, crazy cities, amazing architecture, magnificent mountains, fabulous food, wonderful wine … the list really does go on and on (as does my penchant for alliteration!) Safe to say, I often describe Georgia as the whole world in one because, well, pretty much it […]

Best 2 Week Georgia Itinerary: See All the Highlights

The Best 2 Week Georgia Itinerary

I’ve said it before and looks like I’m going to say it again… Georgia really is a country that has it all! As such, my 2 weeks there barely scratched the surface of this beautiful, spirited destination and there’s no question that, from the list of countries I want to return to as soon as […]

What Does Travel in Georgia Cost?

How Much Does Travel in Georgia Cost?

I can tell you now, I thoroughly enjoyed writing this post (and hopefully you’re going to enjoy reading it too) because the biggest budget travel blogger delight always comes from writing about amazing countries that are cheap to adventure in! So, with a huge grin, I can safely say the answer to the question “what […]

9 Best & Beautiful Places to Visit in Georgia

9 Top Places to Visit in Georgia

Bearing in mind its size, I’m going to put myself out there and say there’s few countries in the world as diverse as Georgia, which is why choosing just 9 of the best places to visit here has been tough! Situated at the edge of both the European and Asian continents, Georgia’s straddled position means […]