Wintersun Caravan and Tourist Park: The Perfect Home Away from Home

Wintersun Caravan and Tourist Park


From the moment we stepped into Wintersun Caravan and Tourist Park, we instantly let go a sigh of relief!

Having just been battered by wind for 5 days in Cape Range National Park and Coral Bay, we were delighted to finally find somewhere we could put up our tent, safe in the knowledge it wouldn’t blow away!

But there was also more to the sigh of relief than just the lack of wind.

Yes, as soon as we stepped into Wintersun Caravan and Tourist Park, we instantly felt at home.

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2 out of 3 nights of our stay were kindly sponsored by Wintersun Caravan and Tourist Park, but, as always, all views are my own.

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The X-Factor!


It’s always hard, of course, to put your finger on exactly why some places just feel good and, for want of a better word, right.

But, it’s just a fact that Wintersun in Carnarvon, Western Australia was one of those places.

Perhaps it was the warm and welcoming reception we received from the staff on arrival, perhaps it was the spacious and well-tended sites allocated for us, or perhaps it was the impeccably clean facilities and grounds?

Mostly likely it was, in reality, all 3 of these reasons combined, plus a little bit of the x-factor thrown into the happy mix too of course.

And it wasn’t just us who felt this either. No, nearly every guest I spoke to during the 3 days we stayed there, said the same thing.

Namely, that they felt very at home and rated it as one of the best caravan parks they’d stayed at in Western Australia!

And we’d have to agree!


Extended Our Stay


That’s why, even after our 2-night complimentary stay had ended, we actually paid for a 3rd night at the Wintersun Caravan and Tourist Park!

Luckily it wasn’t high season when we visited, which meant the great team were able to fit us in for another night.

And, on our part, we were just so delighted to be able to use their excellent camp kitchen, awesome laundry facilities, refreshing swimming pool and wonderfully shady, powered site for another night!

Because this really is the caravan park that has thought of it all!


Everything You Need


From washing machines specially dedicated to the laundry of pet-bedding, to wifi provision, to a full-sized bowling green available for guest use, to weekly communal food nights (we sadly just missed out on the fantastic Baked Spud night), to car-washing facilities and even cute little site number signs, the Wintersun Caravan and Tourist Park takes things to another level.

And it shows!

The atmosphere here is palpably positive, the staff proud of what they do and every detail taken care of.

In a way, it feels very like a family, a community campground, much more than an impersonal caravan park.

The only slightly negative thing I could find to say about this wonderful place would be its location.

Sadly, there’s not much anyone can do about this, but the fact that the Wintersun Caravan and Tourist Park isn’t situated within a walkable distance of the town of Carnarvon was the only drawback to our stay.

Having to pack up our rooftop tent to drive the car anywhere, you see, does affect us.

However if, like most campers, you have a caravan or campervans this wouldn’t even be a problem.

Because on the plus side, everything else was fantastic!



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#3 Good Guidebook – I’m still a massive fan of the Lonely Planet Guidebooks and do think their Australia edition is well put together.

#4 Good Water Bottle – Travelling in hot old Australia can be thirsty work, so make sure you have a metal water bottle that you can refill as you go, because tap water is drinkable… and free!

#5 Good Sun Hat – And there’s no denying you’ll need a good sun hat for protection in Australia too. In my opinion, you can’t go past this Hello Sunshine one, which is both gorgeous and ideal for keeping the rays off your face.




I’ve already mentioned, how clean the amenities were, but I might take the opportunity to just reiterate that they were SPOTLESS.

Like cleaner than your home!

On top of this, the shower pressure was excellent and the water always hot – both big point-scorers in my book!

The kitchen and communal areas were also fantastically clean and I actually congratulated a member of staff on the BBQs being the best I had ever seen – after he finished over 40 minutes of hard scrubbing on them that is!

But perhaps best of all, were the well-watered gardens and campsites that actually had (cue gasps of delight) trees and grass on them.

Yes, green grass!


It’s been a while since we saw anything that looked even remotely like grass in a campsite in this part of the country and I have to admit it was a real treat!

On reflection, perhaps that’s really why we felt so at home in the Wintersun Caravan and Tourist Park. With all that green around, it was a bit like being back in good old Queensland!!!

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