The Perfect Protective iPhone Case for Your Next Travel Adventure

Perfect Protective iPhone Case


As a travel blogger who has just been living out of a 4wd, adventuring around the most remote parts of Australia for the best part of 8 months, I know how important it is to protect your electronic devices when travelling.

Be it the red sands of the Outback, the wild waves of the Queensland coast or the bumpy off dirt tracks of the Kimberley, I’ve put my poor pieces of technology to the test … and then some!

And if there was one device that took the biggest beating, it was my iPhone.

Yep, no point in securing this one away in a locked, padded safety box like the laptop. Out on the road, I use it just too much.

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iPhone Protection

From updating social media to grabbing a quick pic, checking emails, creating videos, looking at maps and even, heaven forbid, calling home, I use my iPhone just as much as normal, if not more, when I am travelling.

And even if you aren’t a blogger, the chances are that you do too.

With adventure travel kicking off in a big way now, the fact you’ll want to film your latest diving antics, snap that awesome zipline you just conquered or update your facebook status while your hiking in some epic national park, is increasingly likely.

And why not?

Isn’t at least half the pleasure of travel the sharing of it?

But with all this use our phones are getting when we travel, it is of course incredibly easy, not to mention likely, that they are going to get damaged too.

This was literally my worst nightmare when we were on our 4wd road trip around Australia, because half the time we were so remote that if this happened, I knew I was screwed!

That’s why I had to invest in a decent phone case to protect my device and ensure it stayed as happy as I was!


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Enter Tech 21

This awesome company are at the cutting-edge of smartphone cover protection. Offering cases that not only keep your device safe, but also look and feel good too.

And that’s kind of a big deal.

So many waterproof, shockproof protection cases look big and bulky. In fact, many of them are so heavy and cumbersome that you end up feeling like you’re carrying a brick around in your pocket again!

Yes, you might be able to go underwater with them, but can you bring them out at a work meeting or take with them you on a night out in the city without looking a bit out of place?

This is what I’ve found in the past with a lot of those protective cases, but I’m glad Tech 21 have hit the nail on the head when it comes to sleek and sophisticated cases that still deliver on a practical level.


The Evo Aqua

Evo Aqua

Take their brand new Evo Aqua for example.

Designed for the iPhone 7, this bad boy offers advanced waterproof protection up to 2m deep for 1 hour.

So whether you’re swimming in remote mountainous lakes or just enjoying a well-earned pampering day by the pool, the Evo Aqua has your iPhone covered when you travel.

With integrated seals and simple installation instructions, there’s really no way even a techno-dunce like me can’t work it out!

The Evo Aqua also offers exemplary drop protection, with cutting edge FlexShock technology that keeps your phone safe when if falls from a height of up to 2m.

Yet it still gives you easy access to all your function buttons and, with no screen protector, there’s unhampered access to your camera functions and favourite apps too.

Sound quality isn’t compromised either with the Evo Aqua, so say goodbye to the muffled voices you experience with other waterproof cases or missing that all-important call again because you didn’t hear your phone ring.

And best of all, the Evo Aqua look great.

No bulky add-ons or extra layers here, this case is paired down to the necessities, which means it gets on with the job of your protecting your phone, while you get on with the job of enjoying your next adventure.

The Evo Aqua is light and simple and could easily be used as your everyday phone case without you having to explain to people that you just like water sports at the weekend ok!


The Evo Mesh

Evo Mesh

And if it’s slick and simple we’re talking about here, then I can’t pass up the opportunity to tell you how much I love my new Evo Mesh iPhone case from Tech 21 either.

This amazingly smart, black number also gives me up 2m of drop protection, along with a lifetime warranty.

Again employing the company’s state-of-the-art FlexShock technology, the Evo Mesh for iPhone 5 (yes I’m this far back in the stone age) has already passed the impact protection test on a few occasions I can tell you!

Cleverly doing so through a raised lip around the edge of the phone, this secure and close-fitting case is both thin and light.

And don’t get me started on how sophisticated it appears, after my formerly bulky, misshapen and, let’s be, downright embarrassing protective case!

Available in a range of colours, I stuck with a black Evo Mesh, because it hides the dirt the best (!), but you could definitely go to town in shades of pink, blue and purple too.

100% ‘protection made intelligent’, I can’t recommend Tech 21 highly enough when it comes to buying your next travel phone case.





2 thoughts on “The Perfect Protective iPhone Case for Your Next Travel Adventure

  1. Marcus says:

    OMG I love the EVO Mesh so much. This Case has been my daily driver for a while, and I can’t recommend it more. But tbh you should upgrade, an iPhone 5 is not really reliable to travel these days 🙂

    • Steph says:

      He he you are right Marcus, it’s a great case! And you’ll be delighted to know I have upgraded. I now wander the world with an iPhone 7, which is far more suitable for what I need!

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