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Why I Was Wrong About Packing Cubes

Why I was Wrong About Packing Cubes

  Ok, I admit it, I was wrong! I was wrong about . I thought they were a waste of time, a waste of money, a senseless travel accessory. I almost provided myself on traveling without them when it seemed that everyone was being converted, but now I have to admit defeat. More than admit […]

The Great Budget 4wd Trip Around Australia – Week 1

Australia, Queensland, Carnarvon Gorge First Light

Our first week of our adventure was fun, slow going, but fun – it was so great to finally hit the road. We left behind our home on the idyllic Sunshine Coast and set sail for some exploring in Central Queensland. The day before our departure was spent with good friends in Kin Kin (in […]

13 Easy Ways to Score Cheap Travel When You Visit Australia

13 Easy Ways to Score Cheap Travel When You Visit Australia

  Being the huge country that it is, getting around Australia can often be an expensive endeavour. With large distances between towns, some that stretch across time zones, it’s no surprise that transport costs Down Under can put a major dent in any tourist’s pocket. But don’t worry mate, I’ve discovered 13 easy ways for […]

Picking Your Travel Buddy: 7 Key Criteria

Picking your Travel Buddy

  No pressure, but picking a travel buddy is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make when you decide to go adventuring around the world! Few things will impact the success or enjoyment of your trip in quite the same way, so selecting a suitable travel partner really is crucial to having the best time […]

6 Big Mistakes that Cost Me Frequent Flyer Miles


  You know that annoying person who always manages to pay for holidays on points, score flight upgrades and enjoy travel freebies? That would be me. As a budget savvy travel writer I’ve learnt to find my way around rewards offers, airline alliances and loyalty programmes. But to tell you the truth, it wasn’t always […]

On the Precipice: Starting Another Long Trip

Starting Another Long Trip

      So here I am again On the precipice, starting another long trip A one way ticket in my hand (metaphorically) And nowhere to call home. It’s a funny feeling. The one I always get before any indefinite trip away; a strange mix of apprehension and being lost. Bewildering I know. People always […]

Found! The BEST USB Car Charger

ZUS Review

  When we decided we were going to embark on our indefinite 4wd trip round Australia we knew there was going to be a lot of equipment we would need. After pondering over all the crucial things to consider when planning an Aussie road trip (such as where to sleep, how to eat and what […]

6 Best Things to Do: Fraser Island

The 6 Best Things to Do: Fraser Island

  Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island and lies off the coast of Queensland in north-eastern Australia. Originally formed by oceanic and great wind currents that brought vast quantities of sand up the coast from as far south as Antarctica, this huge sandy mound is now home to a diverse array of natural wildlife […]

5 Backpacking Essentials That Will Save You Money

Backpacking Essentials That Will Save you Money

  A key part I’ve found in actually being a successful budget backpacker is a little organisation. I know, call me totally crazy, but getting a bit prepared with the right stuff, in terms of some backpacking essentials, before you set off on your adventures can actually save you a bit of cash on the […]