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Bamboo Gifts for Travellers


Let’s be honest (because it’s basically a fact) nothing says holiday like a great pair of sunglasses. Whether you’re off to ski in the snow or swim in the sunshine, an amazing pair of sunnies – as the Aussies like to call them – is a must-have travel accessory for everyone.

I wouldn’t dare even think about jetting off round the world without a great pair in my bag.

Yes, despite being a lifelong budget traveler, a great set of sunnies is something I’ve never been afraid to splash a bit of cash on.

This post was written in collaboration with Bamboo Watches Australia.

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It’s a Necessity when Travelling Abroad!

Not only a great fashion piece, but also a super way to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. An awesome pair of sunglasses can beautifully marry the line between looking great and being practical too.

Now imagine combining the style and safety element of a great pair of sunglasses with an environmentally friendly factor!

I’m really excited to partner with Bamboo Watches Australia to announce the new release of their premium bamboo sunglasses!

An amazing travel accessory that not only joins fashion and practicality, but adds an environmentally-sustainable angle as well.

Yes, these gorgeous sunnies are the perfect holiday accessory and certainly one of the best eco friendly gifts any traveller could ask for.

Strong and lightweight, premium bamboo sunglasses come in a range of styles perfect for guys and girls wanting to look good while traveling. With TAC UV 400 polarised protection, they are also ideal when it comes to keeping your eyes safe against the sun’s harmful rays.

Beautifully blending classic designs with unique contemporary features, these bamboo sunglasses are both eye-catching, exciting and exceptional.

Made from environmentally-friendly farmed bamboo, these sunnies can also help protect the planet as well as your eyes.


Here’s an Interesting Fact…

Bamboo is self-sustaining plant, which matures in just 2 years.

Compared to trees, which take 50-60 years to mature, any product made from bamboo, rather than wood, is going to help the planet immensely – hoorah!

One of the best eco-friendly gifts on the market, their range of bamboo sunglasses are specially handcrafted. As such, you can be sure you are giving and getting the best in fashion and environmentally-sound design.

With a protective clear coating, these sunnies are highly durable. Every purchase includes a soft pouch and a solid bamboo case, so you can be sure your bamboo sunglasses will stay safe whether in your suitcase, backpack or carry-on luggage.

So when you’re kicking back with your next piña colada and enjoying the view through your bamboo sunglasses, you can relax safe in the knowledge you’re protecting your eyes as well as the world around you!

Certainly one of the top eco-friendly gifts any traveller would love to get their hands on, click here to explore the incredible range of bamboo sunglasses.

You may even be tempted to get sneaky pair for yourself!


Yep, Eco Traveller Timepieces Too!

Bamboo Watches

For those travellers who love to wear watches, Bamboo Watches Australia has a range of unique handcrafted watches to match with your sunglasses!

Made with the same high production and environmentally positive credentials as bamboo sunglasses, you can make sure the traveller in your life is never late with these amazing time-keeping pieces.

Handcrafted, with a unique stylish carbonised face, these bamboo watches are made from 100% eco-friendly bamboo and designed to stand out from the crowd. Each product comes with an estimated 2 year battery life and adjustable wrist band, meaning they are perfect for males and females alike.

Great design names such as ‘nomad’ and ‘navigator’ mean bamboo watches really are ideal for perpetual globe trotters and definitely one of the most unique and eco-friendly gifts around.

Check out the stunning selection of bamboo watches and be inspired when it comes to selecting great eco-friendly gifts for the traveller in your life.


Amazing, 7 Trees Planted

Both bamboo watches and sunglasses come with a one year warranty and free shipping worldwide.

If their sustainable production doesn’t tick all the boxes just yet, for each watch or pair of sunglasses sold, 7 trees are planted through the Eden project – now you can’t argue with that!

So what are you waiting for?

Check out the amazing bamboo watches and sunglasses online now – 2 great eco-friendly gifts any traveller would love to get their hands.



Great Eco-Friendly Gifts Every Traveller Wants {Big World Small Pockets}


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  1. Amy says:

    I didn’t know bamboo had such a short maturation period! That’s really interesting. These pieces look pretty swank, too!

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