5 Best Ways to Enjoy a Solo Trip to London

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If you are tired of the monotony of daily life and want an adventurous break, why not head out to London on your next holiday as a solo traveller?

London is a fantastic city to visit whether alone, with a companion or family. There is so much to see and do that you will never have to do the same thing twice!

From amazing museums and art galleries to the best of entertainment, shopping and dining, a plethora of options await all those who choose to visit the city.

For accommodation, why not splurge a little and choose to stay at a luxury boutique hotel like the M By Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City, which is surprisingly affordable and offers the best of comforts to enjoy your stay in the capital.

The hotel also offers a fine array of culinary options courtesy of its famous Nirvana Kitchen.

Just some of the things you could choose to do as a solo traveller in London include…

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Visit The Free Museums

London Bridge

London has a plethora of museums with many housed in buildings that are as magnificent as the collections within.

You could an entire week exploring them all and never experience a dull moment.

The top places to visit include the iconic British Museum, the Science Museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Imperial War Museum and the Natural History Museum.

And with no admission fee charged to any of these, you will have a wonderful time exploring their invaluable collections for free!


Visit The Unique Museums

The British Library

With more than 150 million books the British Library is the biggest of its kind on the planet.

There are also plenty of seasonal exhibitions here covering a wide variety of topics and themes throughout the year.

Churchill War Rooms

For all those history lovers who want to learn more about the Second World War and its impact on British life, a visit to the subterranean Churchill War Rooms maintained in pristine condition as during the war years is recommended.

Wellcome Collection

Visit the Wellcome Museum where you will come across the wacky and the weird with many seasonal exhibitions to boot.

The Old Operating Theatre and Herb Garret

To get an insight into how surgery was carried out before the development of modern medicine and anaesthesia, hop over to the site of the oldest operating theatre!

Grant Museum of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy

Another fine museum dedicated to natural history, the collection here features more than 67,000 zoological specimens, including one of the remaining quagga skeletons and dodo bones.


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Dine at the West End

London Underground

Up to a few decades ago the British were not exactly known for their culinary skills! However this is fast changing with the city now becoming a cosmopolitan cuisine melting pot.

Now home to some of the finest dining places in the world with world class restaurants and incredibly delicious street food, London boasts many top-notch restaurants.

Two of the best areas to enjoy the finest food in town are the West End and Soho, both known for their exquisite gastronomy, with a wide variety of places to eat ranging from Michelin star places to the most delectable street food.

Here’s a selection of our top picks for solo travellers:


A Michelin star eatery serving the best of Spanish tapas with kitchen-side seating. The highlight is their ‘not-to-miss’ stuffed courgettes.


Serving the best Sri Lankan street food, these guys are famous for their string hoppers and pancakes called ‘dosa’.


For delicious Taiwanese food head to Bao, known for its signature Bao buns of course!


Wonderful cocktails and the best of Anglo-Indian fusion food!

The Palomar

Experience a taste of the Middle East in plush surroundings at the Palomar.


Visit a Supper Club

Or if you’re looking for something a bit different in London when it comes to food, then why not try out one of the city’s most popular trends – the supper clubs.

With hundreds of places to dine at, many offering communal seating with a family-style food service, they are great spots to meet new and exciting people, as well as enjoy fine food.


Catch a Movie

London Tube Network

One of the best ways to spend some hours by yourself in London is to make a trip to the movies.

While there are numerous multiplexes, we’d advise heading to some of the city’s most iconic movie theatres instead.

Venues like the Barbican or the plush Electric Cinemas screen a wide variety of movie genres meaning you’re bound to find something you enjoy.

For those on a budget, why not check out the brilliant Genesis Cinema located in London’s Whitechapel.


Enjoy a Walking Tour

London has a rich and illustrious history and the best way to learn more about the city, its culture and its past, is to join one of the many walking tours available here.

Covering a variety of themes ranging from street art to Shakespearean London, some tours are even free, although tips are welcome!

In terms of paid tours however, favourites include the Harry Potter Studio Tour as well as the Eating London Food Tour.

Another alternative is to take a self-guided walking tour.

For these, there are plenty of tools like guidebooks, websites and apps you can use to do your homework.

One of our favourites is the site Walk London or the apps ‘Blue Plaques’ and ‘Trail Tale’ are very useful too.


Hire a Bike

London Bikes in a row

As London is a massive city, it is not possible to cover it all on foot.

If you still want to get a bit active however, why not consider hiring a bike?

Several companies such as Santander Cycles operate in London and can easily be used to explore the city’s many attractions without having to negotiate public transport.


So there you have it, the best ways to enjoy London as a solo traveller.

Have you visited this great city by yourself?

What did you enjoy doing there?


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