Perfectly Perched in the Algarve: Pine Cliffs Resort Reviewed

Pine Cliffs Resort, Algarve Portugal

It’s not often I feel at home in a 5* all-inclusive resort!

Not that I did stay on an all-inclusive basis at the Pine Cliffs Resort in the Algarve, but the point is, that you I could have.

For this is certainly the sort of place that offers it.

Along with yoga retreats, wellness centre, fitness studio, tennis and padel academy, cooking school, wine tasting, pirate-themed kids club, a 9-hole golf course that is among the Portugal’s most renowned, 7 pools, multiple bars and restaurants and a stunning beach of course, it’s fair to say that the Pine Cliffs resort, if not offering it “all”, does offer a great whack of holiday happiness with a lashing of relaxation and rejuvenation.

And for many people that equals all inclusive lifeless days by the pool.

Sadly I’m not one of these people.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like a good pool or beach day as much as the next sun worshipper.

I was, after all, bought up on an island where summer beach days were almost of religious importance, but now, as a professional traveller (an existence in which life and work are almost inextricable), I also like a good exploratory or active day too.

Which all amounts, in a rather rambling way, to me saying I don’t often feel at that at home in all inclusive 5* resorts like the Pine Cliffs Resort.

But the inevitable twist in this hotel tale is that, against all the odds of course, I did actually feel wonderfully at home here.

Not to mention relaxed and rejuvenated!

So from the friendly staff to the top notch location, here’s how Pine Cliffs in the Algarve lulled me into its resort charm…

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My trip to the Algarve was sponsored by Jet2 but, as always, all views are my own.

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Surprisingly Secluded Situation

Algarve, Pine Cliffs Resort, Beach Sunrise

If you didn’t think the odds were already stacked against the Pine Cliffs Resort, then listen in.

Because not only is this a hotel of the package holiday variety, it’s also located in the Algarve, in the region of Albufeira.

What this means, in shorthand for the uninitiated, is that the Pine Cliffs Resort is situated in one of the most heavily touristed areas, in a region that is one of the most frequented by British tourists.

Sounds like a nightmare right?

But in fact, it proved to be anything but a nightmare, in fact this hotel proved it be an absolute delight.

For a start, Pine Cliffs is located right above a beautiful sandy beach, known as Falesia Beach, which boasts a stunning backdrop of amber-red sandstone cliffs.

Access is easy via a panoramic lift and delightful boardwalk, which lead straight from the hotel’s exquisitely landscaped gardens.

Despite being in Albufeira, the hotel is tucked away and, nestled on top of the earthy orange sandstone cliffs that dominate this part of Portugal’s coastline, offers not only seclusion but stunning elevated views too.

Yet because it’s in the Albufeira region, the Pine Cliffs resort is only a 40 minute drive from Faro airport – the main point of arrival for the majority of the Algarve’s incomers.

Learn more about how to travel to the Algarve’s airport here.

Very handy if you’re only on a short Algarve trip, as I was, or if you want to enjoy lots of activities, such as wine tasting and dolphin watching boat trips, it’s all on offer in the nearby region.


Breakfasts and Balconies

Algarve, Pine Cliffs Resort, Bedroom

Because Albufeira is a hub of a lot of the Algarve action, staying near there really does make a lot of sense.

Yet thankfully, the Pine Cliffs Resort takes the best of this aspect and leaves the rest.

From stunning grounds, which extend for miles in this expansive property, you have the choice here of hotel rooms, villas or apartments.

Given I was flying solo, I opted for the first the most basic room which, in a cunning marketing move, is still called Deluxe!

And to be fair, it was pretty deluxe!

@bigworldsmallpockets Pine Cliffs Resort is an amazing place to stay in Portugal’s Algarve region 🇵🇹 This amazing beachside resort is the perfect place to enjoy the region, as well as yoga, golf and fitness retreats. Get 10% by booking direct… @ALGARVE ☀️ #visitalgarve #pinecliffsresort #pinecliffsresortalgarve #thealgarve #algarvetravel ♬ original sound – Big World Small Pockets

A lovely terracotta-tiled room gave way to a pool and sea view balcony, with wicker furniture picked straight from the “sunset enjoyment” pages of a travel magazine.

And brilliantly, the hotel bars here let you do a takeaway aperitif too!

Inside my sizeable room I had a desk, large wardrobe, dresser and my favourite, a kettle with plenty of tea and coffee on offer. Not to mention milk in the mini bar!

If you’re looking for the bedside light by the way, it’s on the side of the bedside table itself.. which took me about 2 days to realise!

Beyond that, the huge bathroom had a powerful walk in shower, plus a bath and separate sink area, as well as separate toilet space, in a somewhat confusing array of glass doors.

What I came to realise however, is how much these glass doors would come into their own if there was 2 of you staying here and wanting a few minutes of privacy!

Most rooms are set, tropics-style, along open-sided corridors that feed into an attractive swirl of bars, restaurants, pools and fitness facilities.

After 3 days, I’d barely got the hang of my small section, but so good where the 2 pools, 2 bars, 2 restaurants and gym I found, it felt unnecessary to go further!

Blimey, maybe I am getting into the 5* all-inclusive regime after all!

Well aside from the catamaran tours, kayaking, hiking, cocktail making and vineyard tours I crammed into 3 days of course!

Did I mention the Pine Cliffs Resort has an amazing buffet breakfast too?

Anywhere that offers avocado and fresh salad, alongside a good nutty, home-baked bread, is a winner in my book.

Just what I needed to set me up for the day!

Maybe that’s my secret?

Enjoy the 5* resort style bedrooms, breakfasts and sunsets… and then cram the rest of the day like an active backpacking trip!

Actually sounds pretty ideal to me.

Book your stay at the Pine Cliffs Resort in the Algarve here.


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