10 BEST US Road Trips to Make in an RV

The 10 Best US Road Trips


Ah, road trips.

The stuff that dreams and epic movie scripts are made of.

Traveling the US in an RV opens up endless possibilities for adventure. So endless, in fact, that you might have trouble making a decision on where the heck to go!

Luckily (and with help from the great folk over at RVshare) I’ve compiled a list of the most historic, famous and best US road trips so that you can just pick one and get out there.

So whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full-timer, all you’ve got to do is just read on and decide which is the next perfect trip for you.

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Great RV Road Trips You Can Take in a Weekend

Interested in packing your weekend itinerary full of scenic roads and must-see destinations? Then these short road trips serve up the best of both worlds in a tight time frame.

They’re perfect if you’re renting an RV from a rental network like RVshare, or if you just have to be back at work on Monday.

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#1 Hermann Wine Trail

One of the shortest drives on this list of the best US road trips, is the Hermann Wine Trail, which offers plenty of time to enjoy the sights, smells and tastes of Missouri wine country, as you meander along the Missouri River for 20 miles, from Hermann to New Haven.

Though short in distance, the Hermann Wine Trail is chock full of things to do.

There are seven wineries and tons of monthly events along the route – more than enough to keep occupied for a few days!


#2 The Florida Keys


Looking for something a little more tropical?

Then the Florida Overseas Highway is ideal! Spanning the Keys from Key Largo to Key West, this best US road trip is roughly 100 miles in total.

Along this route you can enjoy snorkeling, swimming with dolphins and exploring state parks / museums, as well as the breathtaking views from each of the 42 bridges connecting the islands.

The Overseas Highway is easily one of the most scenic roads in the country, which certainly places it as one of the best US road trips you can take.


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#3 The Alabama Coast

The Alabama Gulf Coast is home to some of the most historic sites in the US.

Tour the stately mansions and their gardens, or check out the World War II battleships and submarines instead.

The Alabama Coastal Connection also takes you on a cultural journey, through a fascinating and rich landscape in which Creole, French, and Spanish heritage all mix.

Start in Mobile and travel south along Route 98.

Then loop down and around the State’s many scenic byways.


#4 Cherohala Skyway


This entry on my list of the best US road trips takes you through the plains and mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina.

The 40-mile journey begins in Tellico Plains in southeast Tennessee. From here, you can then explore the many overlooks and rivers along the Skyway.

You’ll also wind through the Great Smoky Mountains, where there’s plenty of hiking and historical landmarks to enjoy.

Your trip ends in Robbinsville, North Carolina, home to the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest, which is well worth a visit.


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#5 Death Valley

Who can list the best US road trips and not mention Death Valley?!

From the world’s largest tree to the hottest and lowest place this side of the globe, Death Valley is certainly a world of extremes.

There’s a lot of ground to explore here, but a short weekend trip can take you from Los Angeles to Las Vegas through Death Valley and back in 14 hours.

Make sure to plan your route and research the climate ahead of time however – temperatures of up to 134 °F have been recorded out here!

USA, Death Valley, Road


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Long RV Road Trips

If you have more time on your hands and want to go on a longer adventure, then this opens you up to exploring some of the other best US road trips out there!

Even if you don’t have an RV, don’t rule a long road trip out.

You can easily rent one long-term from sites like RVshare.

Then all you need do is pack your bag and plan your route along one of these unforgettable journeys.


#1 Route 66


Route 66 is the epitome of the best US road trips.

Running from Chicago, Illinois to Los Angeles, California, this famed 2,448-mile journey charts the evolution of modern American culture.

Along the way you’ll explore cities, small towns and expansive landscapes.

Just don’t go too wild on buying souvenirs from the roadside landmarks and attractions.

There’s a lot of them and you might have trouble fitting all of your new purchases in your vehicle!!


#2 The Pacific Coast Highway

Another classic adventure on the must-do list of the best US road trips is the Pacific Coast Highway.

Deciding to undertake this journey gives you the perfect excuse take a little more time off from work, especially if you pair it with Route 66 as well!

Whilst enjoying the ocean breeze from this coastal highway, which runs from Los Angeles to Olympia, Washington, you’ll visit many popular cities and towns, as well as take in some of the most sweeping views the country has to offer.

If you have an equal appreciation for the sea and the forest, then this road trip is definitely one you can’t skip.


#3 Cross-Country Trip: Historic US-80

What better way to see the US than to travel across the entire south?

The remnants of what was once US-80 will now take you from sunny San Diego all the way east to Savannah, GA, during which you’ll travel through landscapes as diverse as deserts, plains and bayous.

Culture and cuisine are equally diverse along this road. Whether you love Tex-Mex, BBQ or crawfish, you’ll find plenty of mouthwatering eateries in every state along the way!


#4 Cross-Country Trip: The Great Northern

If the sweltering heat of the south is too much for you, then you can always opt to cross the country via the Great Northern, along the US-2, instead.

Totaling more than 2,500 miles from Washington to Maine, this is the longest trip on my list of the 10 best US road trips, but its length will allow you to encounter great prairies, mountains and even hardwood forests.

The Great Northern is definitely a road trip for nature lovers, where unforgettable vistas outnumber bustling towns and cities.

You’ll definitely love this route if you want some time to appreciate the natural beauty of northern America.


#5 The Atlantic Coast


While the east coast is rich with American history and picturesque scenery, the Atlantic Coast is one road trip you’re definitely better to plan ahead.

The trick being to avoid I-95 and stick to any detours and scenic byways instead.

If you do, you’ll journey through historic colonial sites and quintessential New England towns.

You’ll also find famed lighthouses, boardwalks and stunning landmarks along this 2,400-mile coastal adventure.

Depending on the direction you’re travelling, your trip will either end in Maine or Florida.


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The United States has so much to offer in the way of culture and natural beauty.

You could easily spend most of your life on the road here and still not experience all there is to do and see.

But it’s worth a shot right?!

Have you made any of these best US road trips before?

Or do you have your own favourite?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!


13 thoughts on “10 BEST US Road Trips to Make in an RV

  1. Stephanie Craig says:

    I would add Shenandoah to the list. I’m a HUGE proponent of the great American Roadtrip (actually did a big solo one from Philly to Oklahoma via Niagara Falls that was so fun), I would put driving Shenandoah in Virginia as one of my top 5 places to drive in the US.

    Great post!

    • Steph says:

      That’s a really great addition Stephanie that I hadn’t even thought about! You solo trip sounds epic too! Thank you so much for wetting our US road trip whistle even further!

  2. Leo says:

    Hi. We are 4 swedes doing our first RV trip in the US. We will be going from Orlando to Las Vegas. Any tips on what to see along the way?

  3. Robin Lefrancois says:

    I forgot… both Death Valley and Valley of Fire , Nevada are very interesting places for a road trip. Valley of Fire is even better in my mind, even tough it is smaller.

    Enjoy !

  4. Marco says:

    We are thinking going to the Florida Keys in July/August. We know it will be really hot… Would you still recommend this road trip at that time of the year?

    • Steph says:

      I’d definitely take climate into account Marco. It’s hard for me to advise about when people should make trips exactly. I personally love the heat, but others can’t stand it or aren’t used to it, so travelling from them in these conditions can be unbearable. I think it’s about judging what you’re used to and what you think you can deal with! 🙂

      • Tim says:

        While it “feels” hot in Florida it is usually attributed to the humidity. Temperatures rarely get into the 90’s and the abundance of water activities along with air conditioning make it a great time to take your trip.

  5. Brianna says:

    Hi, Steph, we are planning to come over from Australia. There is 5 of us myself, my husband and our three children 9yrs, 7yrs and 4yrs. we are wanting to hire a motorhome and spend a month seeing all we can. Do you have any advise on routes/places that are a must. I want as much history, adventure and fun as possible. we will land in LAX and fly out from there as well, sowas thinking about doing a big lap around usa as well as stopping at Lake louise in Canada. Any advise for us would be much appreciated. 🙂

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