Thinking About Having a Cheeky Wine? Consider the Vineyards of South-East Queensland

Cheeky Wine


For our very first guest post on Big World Small Pockets, I’ve asked Darren over at to provide a little insight to the South East Queensland wine region.

For something a little bit different to do in this area of Australia, rather than just the usual beach and rainforest activities, it’s well worth visiting the wine region and exploring more of what Queensland has to offer.

So over to Darren…

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It’s great to be asked by Stephanie to provide some insight into the South East Queensland wines and wineries.

I guess from the average traveller’s point of view, it’s easy to fall into the trap of spending days on the beaches, walking through rainforests and working in cafes to fund the experience of travelling in Australia’s sunshine state.

However, doing something a bit different in the place your visiting or living in, can really help open your eyes.

It can certainly expand your sense of an area, as well as letting you relish in the kudos of having seen and done something a little off the beaten track.

So here goes … my guide to finding the best places to enjoy a cheeky wine, and maybe the odd job or two in the South East Queensland wine regions.



Firstly, I need to point this out: If you ask someone about Australian wines, they will usually mention places like the Barossa Valley in South Australia or Margaret River in WA.

They won’t mention some of the amazing wines and wineries that are now coming to attention from the South East Queensland region.

With over 70 different wineries in South East Queensland (stretching from Caboolture on the Sunshine Coast all the way west to Stanthorpe in the Granite belt, as well as southwards to Nerang on the Gold Coast), Queensland wines are now fully developed and being sold on a world wine stage.


Wine tours

If you want to sit back in comfort and be driven from winery to winery, then there’s nothing better than booking a wine tour. Depending on which company you book with, you can expect:

  • Half Day Tours
  • Full Day Tours
  • Overnight Stays
  • Food and Wine sampling to be included
  • Costs between – $85 – $160


Recommended Wine Tour Companies

Sunshine Coast Wine Tours: 07 5476 6286 – Covering the Sunshine Coast
Wine And Cork Winery Tours: 07 5543 6584 – Covering the Scenic Rim
Tours on MT Tambourine: 0438 174631 – Covering Mt Tambourine Area


Working in a Winery

If you are more likely to be looking for work in a winery, perhaps for your second working holiday visa requirements, then rest assured there is plenty of seasonal work to be had. Ranging from picking, laborsaving and front of house services, there are a couple options to explore when you’re looking find a job in the Queensland wine industry.

I recommend either contacting the winery directly, or searching through a job work site like, gumtree or harvest trail.

Tip: If you are looking at working in a foreign country, make sure you have the correct Visa in place for employment. There is plenty of Visa Information on a site like Industry Work Australia Visa Page or why not take a look at how to extend your 1 year working holiday visa.


More Information and Locations

If you are planning on visiting a particular area and want to visit a winery there, you can find a great list of potentials at Australian Good Food and Travel Guide.


What to Wear

Travelling to the wine regions in summer is usually no problem in Queensland.

However, during the cooler months of May-September, things can certainly get cold.

Areas like Stanthorpe will drop to well below -0c, so make sure you dress accordingly.


The Wash-Up

For travellers that love a wine or two, there are some amazing wines being produced in South East Queensland. In particular, we recommend.

Doing a tour is great way to sample these wines, as well as learn more about the process of making wine.

Whether it’s a half day, full day or overnight stay tour you opt for, there are some very unique memories to be made discovering the little known wines of this area.

So go on, get off the beaten track and enjoy visiting another side of Australia’s fabulous Sunshine State.


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