Finding the Best Hotel in Morzine: The Perfect Ingredient in your Alps Adventure

Finding the Best Hotel in Morzine, France

I’m going to keep it tight and to the point here – if you’re looking for the best hotel in Morzine, look no further!

Whether you plan to ski in the winter, cycle in the summer, travel with your family, go it alone, stay in a cosy room or rent out an entire chalet, this place has you covered.

It’s also fantastically located in Morzine, has some of the best food going, offers a hot tub and free shuttle and will make your stay unforgettable.

So what is this magical place called? And why is a stay here the ultimate ingredient in your dreamy French alps foray?

Welcome to Chilly Powder – the best hotel in Morzine and the place where I become a lover of the snow!

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My stay at Chilly Powder was kindly gifted but, as always, all views are my own.

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Morzine Accommodation: The Basics

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As I quickly learnt, when it comes to enjoying your holiday in the Alps to the fullest – be that biking or hiking in the summer, or skiing or snowboarding in the winter – having some super accommodation to come back to at the end of an active, and likely exhausting, day is absolutely critical in enjoying your time.

And when it comes to Morzine in France, there’s usually 2 types of accommodation you can choose between – you either go chalet, or you go hotel!

Chalets tend to offer more space.

Usually small houses or apartments, they are often rented by larger groups or families and don’t tend to provide any level of catering. They also don’t tend to arrange things for you, such as ski equipment rental, lift passes or airport shuttles.

Hotels, on the other hand, are a room-based accommodation option that usually include some level of catering in their offer – normally full or half board.

Hotels in Morzine are often associated with a local equipment rental company, who can bring your skis, boots and helmet to the door for you.

Hotels can also usually help you plan and arrange your ski holiday by sorting lift passes, airport transfers, insurance (and even massages!) for you – all the things you might need to really enjoy your time here.

Now this explanation of the 2 main accommodation types in Morzine may sound obvious but, if you’re a beginner skier like I was, then it’s definitely worth spelling out, because I certainly had no idea how all this snow holiday malarkey worked before I first ventured into this world!


Morzine Hotels vs Morzine Chalets

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So now that we know your Morzine accommodation choice is likely to either be a chalet or hotel, the next question is…. which type of Morzine accommodation to go for?

Well that will, of course, depend on how many people you are travelling with, what your budget is and what sort of holiday you are looking for.

Personally, for me, the idea of not having to cook, shop, organise or arrange anything when I was learning to ski was the perfect answer!

Quite frankly, I bearly had the mental fortitude to drag myself down the slope at the end of a ski day, (let alone figure out any logistics such as where and what to eat!) and therefore could not have been more pleased to be staying somewhere fully catered.

As a first time-skier, I also thought it was really helpful to select an accommodation spot where I could ask people for info and could get advice or help if I needed it too.

Now I know this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and some skiers certainly prefer a more independent holiday, but the great thing about Chilly Powder is that they offer both!

Yes having both chalet and hotel accommodation on their premises is just another reason this really is the top accommodation pick in Morzine.

And adding to this, is the fact that Chilly Powder operate all year round, so whether you’re hitting the slopes in the winter or cruising out on your mountain bike in the summer, they have you covered!


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Ideal Location

France, Morzine, Chilly Powder Location

But apart from the variety, what else made Chilly Powder the perfect ingredient in my first ski adventure?

Well top of the list has to be the location.

If you want to know more about where Morzine is and how to access the neighbouring ski resort of Avoriaz, then check out this post I wrote for more details.

Otherwise, the top line info is that Morzine is a sizeable French town which lies at the foot of a large ski resort – Avoriaz – in the amazing Alps region.

Avoriaz is one of the largest ski areas in France and boasts 650km of slopes that extend all the way to the Swizz Border. It forms part of the huge Portes du Soleil ski area.

Avoriaz includes a huge range of slopes among its offering, which makes it perfect for mixed-ability groups, as well as families.

So, whether you want to stick to your blue, or even green, runs, or get in some hardcore time on the reds and blacks – this ski resort has it all.

Avoriaz is also 100% free of vehicles, and offers the chance to ski in / ski out, which makes things soooo much more enjoyable too!

And perfectly located amidst all this snow-filled joy is Chilly Powder.

Essentially at the bottom of the Avoriaz resort (on the edge of Morzine) – you can literally walk to the resort cable car from the front door of Chilly Powder in just 5 minutes.

There’s also a free shuttle stop just a few minutes from the door, with a regular bus service that will either shuttle you to the bottom of the lift if you’re feeling a bit sluggish, or into the town of Morzine where you can enjoy an early evening meal or a day strolling around if you fancy a break from the slopes.

Being situated slightly out of the centre of Morzine, Chilly Powder offers a beautifully peaceful experience too, as well as super quick access to the slopes (read. if you’re staying somewhere in the centre of Morzine, then you have to faff around with the shuttle bus every time you want to head out to ski.)

Providing the perfect break from reality therefore, staying in Chilly Powder is like being wrapped in a lovely ski bubble – you simply move from the hotel to the slopes and back again – perhaps hitting up the hot tub or the bar inbetween if you’re really keen on some diversity!

But you don’t have to interact with real life if you don’t want to!

And being a novice skier, I quickly discovered this is one of the main advantages of a snow holiday – you can completely and utterly divorce yourself from reality if you wish – what a dream!

Essentially like a festival, but a winter version with a bit of physical activity thrown in for good measure, holidays don’t get any more relaxing in my book.

That said, I also liked the fact that Chilly Powder was not situated directly up at the slopes in Avoriaz– this would undoubtedly make the price a lot more expensive and the logistics a lot more challenging.

There’s also quite a party atmosphere up there too (at least at the infamous Folie Douce bar there is!), and personally, I found it really nice to come down from the slopes every day, to take the skis off and to relax away from the action.


Sensational Food

France, Morzine, Chilly Powder Food

And in at number 2 on this list of why I thought Chilly Powder was the best hotel in Morzine, it’s the food!

And it’s not often I rate that as a top reason I enjoy a place I can tell you (food is usually pretty low on my priority list to be honest – as long as it’s vegetarian and healthy I don’t really care!), but I have to say the food at Chilly Powder was amazing.

Yes if you choose to stay in the hotel of this great Morzine accommodation spot then be prepared to eat a lot!

With a huge buffet breakfast, afternoon tea and a 3 course meal (plus wine) included in your deal every night, it’s hard not to eat a lot.

Well you are burning it all on the slopes I suppose!

Having never been skied before (have I mentioned this?!) I didn’t have much to compare the Chilly Powder offering too, and I was none the wiser until literally every other guest there (all experienced skiers) told me that the food at Chilly Powder was exceptional compared to other chalets.

Well there you have it!

I’ve probably never eaten as much as I did that ski week, and I definitely haven’t drunk as much wine in a long time – but that’s skiing for you – and what a blast I had.

Because I literally had the best time!

Infact, I would rate this trip as one of my top favs ever!

Oh and yes, before you ask, they catered brilliantly to vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and dairy-free diets too – an absolute tonic in France I can tell you!


Top Facilities

France, Morzine, Chilly Powder View

Of all the chalets and hotels in Morzine, I honestly think you’d find it hard to discover a place that offered better facilities for the price than Chilly Powder.

Seriously, what this hotel offers as part of their packages blew me away.

Hot tub, chillout lounge, roaring fire, boot room, airport transfers, life passes, decent wifi, well-stocked bar, plus the aforementioned huge quantities of food and drink… the list goes on and on!

Childcare facilities are also available with prices starting at 315€ per week, as well as ski school add-ons for 295€ per week.

Chilly Powder were able to arrange my ski rental gear through Doorstep Skis, as well as ski lessons (crucial for this late starter!) care of Avoriaz Alpine Ski School and their packages were complemented by an incredibly friendly staff team who couldn’t do enough to help.

Amazingly personable, the staff apparently have your photo on the back of the kitchen door (with your name underneath), so they know exactly who every guest is, who they are travelling with, who they like to sit next to at dinner and any food preferences / dietary requirements they might have.

Because yes, dinners at Chilly Powder are communal every night.

At first I was a bit hesitant about this, but I quickly realised this is a huge part of skiing and by mid week, I was really into meeting all the different guests and chatting with them each night.

The whole place was lovely and cosy too, and I mean in terms of temperature and ambience!

Far from the pretension I imagine go hand-in-hand with some Morzine chalets, Chilly Powder was fun, relaxing, calm, enjoyable and responsible – you really felt you were being looked after.

Bedrooms were a little tight on space and my mattress probably could have done with a little more TLC, but the private bathrooms had tons of hot water and there was ample spacious storage for ski equipment downstairs.

Everything was very clean – a great move post-covid – and daily housekeeping was a welcome surprise.


Simple Booking Process

France, Morzine, Me in Hot Tub

So of all the Morzine hotels, I recommend you check out Chilly Powder for your next stay in the French Alps.

You can easily enquire about staying here for your next winter ski trip (or summer biking holiday) by heading to their website here or emailing them directly here.

There are extensive winter holiday packages on offer for individuals, groups and families with winter prices starting from 995€ per person per week based on two adults sharing a double or twin bedroom, or 2760€ per week for two adults and two children sharing a standard family room.

Prices are based on a half board basis with wine included in evening meals – learn more via their website or why not give them a call on 020 7289 6958.

Chilly Powder also offer self-catered and B&B options in both summer and winter and the property is available for weddings and events.

Once you do make a booking, you’ll then find everything is brilliantly taken care of for you, with streamlined emails that prompt you each step of the way – from your initial booking through to your arrival date.

These include emails about airport transfers (learn more here), gear rental, dietary requirements, insurance and more!

You literally don’t need to think about anything (aside from booking your flights or trains) when you stay at Chilly Powder, just follow and reply to all the reminders they send you and you’ll be sorted for the best trip Morzine trip ever!

There’s even a brilliant Chilly Powder app that gives you easy access to weather forecasts, run maps, resort info, lift statuses and live webcams – a great tool to use before your trip to help you plan and get excited!

Honestly, what’s not to love?




So if you’re looking for the best hotel in Morzine, look no further!

No matter whether you’re looking for a fully catered option, a self-catered chalet stay or a B&B choice, this is absolutely the place to check out in my opinion!

And if you have any more questions about my stay there, then please don’t hesitate to drop them into the comments box below and I’ll get back to you with my honest feedback…


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