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Why I Loved Mostar in Bosnia Hercegovina

Why I Loved Mostar

If you weren’t aware, Bosnia Hercegovina is the new kid on the travel block in Eastern Europe and it’s absolutely freaking brilliant! Cheap, easy to travel, fascinating and drop-dead gorgeous, I was quickly taken with this little Balkan country and perhaps never more than by its second city of Mostar. Located in the south, Mostar […]

15 Great Things to Do in Sarajevo, Bosnia

Top 15 Things to Do in Sarajevo, Bosnia

For a capital city, it’s amazing how small a city can be… yet have so many amazing things to do there! Enter Sarajevo! Yes the capital of Bosnia Hercegovina is more like a charming provincial town than a bustling metropolis and pretty much sums up the whole vibe in this country. Quaint, full of character, […]

18 Top Tips for Travel in Bosnia Herzegovina

The 18 Things You Need to Know about Travel in Bosnia & Herzegovina

The hidden gem of Bosnia Herzegovina is a traveller’s delight. Snuggled in the midst of the Balkans, this country is just creeping onto the tourist radar and as such, prices are still low, crowds are still thin and the scenery is truly spectacular. Of course, no one can discuss visiting this country and not touch […]