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21 Money Saving Hacks for Travel in Eastern Europe

Top 21 Money Saving Hacks for Travel in Eastern Europe

I honestly couldn’t believe how wonderfully cheap Eastern Europe was when I toured the region. And every time I’ve been back since, I’ve still been amazed by the incredible value visiting this part of the world offers – especially compared to Western Europe. It really is a beauty of a budget travel destination and I […]

lipHe Wellness Retreat : Is This Lebanon’s Biggest Surprise?

LipHe Wellness Retreat

  If you’ve read any of my content coming out of Lebanon, you’ll know that this country has blown me, and continues to blow me, away! It is the very land of surprises, and perhaps there’s never been a bigger one for me, or the Lebanese friend I was travelling with, than heading to lipHe […]

What is Rideshare? How Can You Benefit From it?

What is Rideshare?

  For those not yet in the know, rideshare is one of the best arms of the sharing economy for travellers, essentially giving you a way to travel short distances for less! Similar to Airbnb that allows you to rent locals houses and apartments, or WeSwap that allows you to swap money with those looking […]

How to Visit Melbourne on Budget

The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Melbourne on Budget

Melbourne is a beautiful, diverse city, which is why most people that visit Australia plan on seeing it. Renowned for its great cultural offerings, yummy cafes, breathtaking landscapes, top museums, funky bars and interesting history, this city really is a must! After all, it has been repeatedly voted as the most livable city in the […]

9 Ways to Help You See Sydney on a Budget

9 Ways to Help You See Sydney on a Budget

  Sydney is a dream destination for city people and nature lovers alike. It feels like every day a hip new bar and a different hidden beach are being added to the list of must-sees in this city. However, the seemingly endless list of things to do can be overwhelming for those of us travelling […]

How to Make the Most of Your Hop On Hop Off Paris Tour

  Laden with attractions, history at every turn, more monuments than you can shake a stick at and so many galleries and museums you can’t even take it all in, there’s no doubt Paris is one of the world’s most amazing cities to visit. But with so much on offer in this capital however – […]

The Best Quick Dry Towel for Travel

The Best Quick Dry Towel for Travel

  We’ve all had them, those awful travel towels that claim to dry fast and not smell, when in fact they do nothing but the complete opposite. And quite frankly there’s nothing worse than a damp, stinky towel in your bag when you’re on the move. Because I’ve been there and experienced that too! But […]

Jack Wolfskin Highland Trail 42 : My Kinda Backpack!

Jack Wolfskin Highland Trail 42

  If you’re anything like me, travelling light and packing small is both a struggle and a necessity when travelling. I’m pretty strict on imposing baggage restrictions when packing, because I just know that when I have to lug around every kilo of that stuffed bag for months I’m going to regret it. Plus I’m […]

Top 10 Free Things to Do in Beirut, Lebanon

Top 10 Free Things to Do in Beirut, Lebanon

If there was ever a prize for the coolest city in the Middle East it would have to go to Beirut. And who knew? Well certainly not me before I touched down in Lebanon otherwise I would have allowed myself more than 10 days here! For while Lebanon is a tiny country, there’s so much […]

5 Best Hostels in Cairo, Egypt

5 Best Hostels in Cairo, Egypt

The bustling capital of Egypt, Cairo, is an absolute must if you’re visiting this culturally rich and incredibly affordable country. Full of insane historical sights and a feast for the senses too, Cairo is loud, full of life, outgoing, brash and stocked with gasp-aloud ancient treasures. Most visitors start and finish their time in Egypt […]