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Are you still feeling anxious about travelling in Ethiopia?

What if there was a simple guide with tons of useful information and personal advice from someone whose been and done it several times?

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The only guide to Ethiopian travel you’ll ever need is right here and I promise it will help you prepare, plan and enjoy your trip to the max!


After spending over 3 months in this off the beaten track country, this is the full culmination of all my knowledge about adventuring there, rolled into one.

With full and detailed destination guides about the 11 most popular tourist spots to help you plan your itinerary, right through to recommended places to stay to make your trip easy and enjoyable, this eBook has it all.

I’ve also listed my recommended names of guides in here, how to contact them, as well as some of the best places to eat across Ethiopia and where to find them.

There’s practical money-saving tips too, as well as information about what to expect, how to get around, how to stay safe and the top things to do when you’re there.

And because it’s an eBook, you can simply download The Real Travel Guide to Ethiopia onto your phone or tablet and take it travelling with you!


The Real Ethiopia Travel Guide

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