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St Paul’s Cathedral Hours + 7 Other Tips for Your Visit

8 Top Tips for Visiting St Paul’s Cathedral

  I’m ashamed to say it, but it’s true, despite all the time I’ve spent, lived and studied in London, I’ve never before visited St Paul’s Cathedral! In fact, I‘d never even thought about visiting it! That was until, of course, pandemo madness has had been trapped here in London and well, why I was […]

How to Get from London to Kent By Train, Bus, Car & Bike

How to Travel from London to Kent

If you’re looking for a quick city escape, an epic day trip or the quick chance to explore a bit more of England, then there’s no question the county of Kent makes the perfect destination from London. Situated in the southeast of the country, right on capital’s doorstep, Kent is a beautiful region of gorgeous […]

Complete Guide to Visiting Whitstable Beach

The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Kent's Whitstable Beach

And here it is, the post you’ve all been waiting for; yes drum roll please, this is the ultimate guide to visiting that one-of-a-kind, top-tastic destination of Whitstable Beach. Located on England’s southeast coast, and having been a stalwart of the British seaside holiday for decades, there was no way I was getting through a […]

Rental Cars in the UK: 12 Tips for the Best Deal

12 Budget Tips for Renting a Car in the UK

Look, I’ve got to be honest, until this summer of UK staycationing (thanks corona) I was absolutely terrified of driving on a motorway. I know this might sound crazy given the stuff I’ve got up to in my life, but hear me out! I grew up in a tiny island, where we don’t really have […]

Windsor Long Walk: How to Plan Your Visit inc Travel Tips, Best Routes + Nearby Attractions

Everything You Need to Know About Visiting the Windsor Long Walk

The Windsor Long Walk has to be one of the most striking strolls in England. And if you know England… that’s quite the claim! Set in stunning and vast parklands, this straight, 2+mile avenue leading right up to the great gates of Windsor Castle – a Royal residence – is about as iconic as it […]

Oxford Day Trip: Top Things to Do + Travel Tips

How to Enjoy the Best Oxford Day Trip

Oxford really is the perfect day trip material… especially from London! Chock full of historical sights, cultural gems, quaint watering holes and more than a snippet of quintessential English countryside, the compactness and cosyness of Oxford means you really can condense this all down into a day. Indeed this city has more than enough going […]