20 Amazing Things to Do on Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

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20 Amazing Things to Do on Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

Oh Little Corn Island, what a tiny drop of paradise you are! There you sit in the Caribbean Sea, a minuscule pearl, shining with simplicity and serenity.

I fell in love with you from the first moment I saw you – loving everything about your tropical charm and beauty.

With no cars, no roads, banks or shops, you provide the perfect escape, the ultimate haven.

But many presume you lack the excitement and interest of grander destinations.

Here I want to prove them wrong.

I want to show them that they need only dig a little deeper to unearth in you a wealth of adventure and fun.

I want to show them your best bits, your local bits, your hidden bits; so here I start:

20 Amazing Things to Do on Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

1. Spend a day walking round the entire island, enjoying the view from every angle, getting sand between your toes and joy in your heart.

2. Borrow a snorkel, fins and a mask and explore the waters around the island to spot tropical fish, turtles, dolphins and stunning coral formations.

LCI Plam Trees

3. Don’t deny any part of what your nose is happily telling you and ensure you devour the hot, steaming coconut bread fresh from a local kitchen bakery.

4. Watch an incredible Caribbean sunset above the forest canopy and see the whole island spread before you.

5. Stretch and greet the day with a morning wake-up yoga session complete with real-life lapping wave and birdsong soundtrack.

6. Cheer on the local team in true island style as you watch a Sunday afternoon baseball game.

7. Push your fear boundaries as you join hammerhead sharks in their own territory, and marvel through your scuba suit at their sleek beauty.

Dolphin Dive Shop

8. Indulge in the best Italian food in Nicaragua at the wonderfully hospitable and delicious Cafe Desideri.

9. Volunteer at the local primary school to test your energy levels and creole understanding.

10. Enjoy the silence by lying on the jetty at night; watching the stars above you and the eagle rays glide gracefully underneath you.

11. Up the paradise factor by experiencing the deserted Pearl Keys – they make Little Corn seem like the smoking city in comparison.

Me on a Palm

12. Enjoy a fishing trip with respected local Randy, as your ears fill with the stories and legends of slaves and pirates from the past.

13. Let your hair down with a beer sipped at a Tranquilo beach bonfire. This is paradise after all.

14. Pick free mangos during the season and watch amazed as these plentiful fruits turn the colour of the island floor from vivid green to warm sunshine yellow.

15. Get lost and endeavour to find the secret beach, a perfect place to soak up paradise uninhibited.

16. Relax and lose yourself in a wonderful massage at the Karma Shack.

17. Discover the elusive beauty of the string of pearls in a night dive – one of the few places in the world where these naturally suspended illumination chains can be seen.


18. Taste the seafood coconut delight of the local ‘rondon’ delicacy, cooked over a hot fire in a large earthenware pot with yams and tradition.

19. Swing in a hammock, watch the world go by and get some perspective; it’s amazing how different it looks when you’re horizontal.

20. Arrive. It’s the best thing to do on Little Corn Island.

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  1. Debz says:

    Looks like a perfect island to relax, would love to visit South America!

  2. Kenny says:

    Hey Steph, great read. Heading over to the islands this coming week.(hope we get the weather).
    I was wondering how you went about volunteering at the local school. Also keen on some fishing.
    Any advice will be great.
    Thanks in advance

  3. Gemma says:

    Planning mode! Very excited to be going in Feb / March.

  4. Lindsey Medina says:

    My brother lives in little corn island, and I absolutely fell in love with it! I can’t wait to head down there again this summer.

    • Steph says:

      Another fallen one … Good to hear I’m not alone! What’s your brother’s name, maybe I know him! Have a great trip there Lindsey 🙂

  5. Danielle says:

    Wow this sounds truly perfect! I’ve been hearing such great things about Nicaragua recently! You sold it to me in the first point alone 😉

  6. Yasser Foster says:

    Hello, i would like to know if the activities like to do diving is expensive, cause i am going in a few days 🙂 btw this review was awesome

    • Steph says:

      Hi Yasser, thanks for such a great question. It depends on what you think is expensive. A single tank dive with Dolphin Dive Centre on Little Corn costs $35SUSD and a double tank dive is $65USD. The more you do, the greater the discount you can negotiate of course. It really is worth it in my opinion. They aren’t many places in the world you can see a hammerhead shark for $35!

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