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How to Travel from Frankfurt to Amsterdam

How to Travel from Frankfurt to Amsterdam

  Both classic transport hubs and both major European cities, travelling from Frankfurt to Amsterdam is a key route, not only for those transiting in and out of Western Europe, but also for travellers looking to explore 2 of this region’s top cities. So whether it’s by train, bus, car or plane, there’s plenty of […]

How Travel to Stonehenge from London

How to Travel from London to Stonehenge

One of the UK’s most famous and well-known sites, Stonehenge is a giant Neolithic structure recognisable the world over. UNESCO-listed and run by English Heritage, this towering circle of huge standing stones delights and amazes just as much as it intrigues and baffles. While much has been studied and theorised about the place, there’s still […]

How Best to Travel from Frankfurt to Heidelberg

How to Travel from Frankfurt to Heidleberg

  The beautiful city of Heidelberg in southwest Germany is an absolutely classic destination in this part of the world and should not be missed for its famous castle, historic university and beautiful forest location. But how to get there? Well most travellers will likely arrive into the nearest biggest city in Germany – Frankfurt […]

How to Travel From Strasbourg to Colmar

How to Travel From Strasbourg to Colmar

Well congratulations. because if you’re looking how to travel from Strasbourg to Colmar, it’s likely you’re planning to visit one of France’s most amazing regions, so well done! Yes if you hadn’t guessed from this opening sentence, there’s no question that the Alsace is one of my favourite regions in France thanks to its Medieval […]

How to Get from London to Kent By Train, Bus, Car & Bike

How to Travel from London to Kent

If you’re looking for a quick city escape, an epic day trip or the quick chance to explore a bit more of England, then there’s no question the county of Kent makes the perfect destination from London. Situated in the southeast of the country, right on capital’s doorstep, Kent is a beautiful region of gorgeous […]

Rental Cars in the UK: 12 Tips for the Best Deal

12 Budget Tips for Renting a Car in the UK

Look, I’ve got to be honest, until this summer of UK staycationing (thanks corona) I was absolutely terrified of driving on a motorway. I know this might sound crazy given the stuff I’ve got up to in my life, but hear me out! I grew up in a tiny island, where we don’t really have […]

London to Windsor: How to Travel Between them

How to Travel From London to Windsor

  Windsor is, without a doubt, one of the best English day trips there is. A royal feast of a place with a plethora of beautiful green spaces, some resident deer and a ton of cobbled quaintness thrown in for good measure, this classic English city really does have something for everyone. And if you […]

Frankfurt to Strasbourg: How to Travel Between Them

Frankfurt to Strasbourg - How to Travel Between Them

Although located incredibly close to each other, the amazing thing about Frankfurt and Strasbourg is that they are 2 wildly different cities located either side of a national border. As such, travelling the short distance between them can be an amazing way to discover 2 different regions in 2 different countries within one short and […]