Here are some of my favourite companies when it comes to getting around the globe. As usual, Ive focused on budget-friendly companies that offer a good service and value for money. Arranged in alphabetical order here, there is everything here from international airlines, to rideshare websites. Scroll through for ideas about cheap way to move.

Apollo: Super hire car and campervan company operating in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US. They always seem to offer the lowest prices and have the shortest minimum hire terms. I can personally vouch for their excellent customer service assistants and know they run great relocation deals too.

Bla Bla Car: Europe’s largest carpooling community. Connect with people who can either help share your fuel costs or who can make your journey cheaper. It’s similar to hitching, but things are a bit more organised. US Based comparison site with a Price Drop Payback guarantee i.e. if fares drop after you purchase, they’ll credit you back the difference.

Condor: Amazingly cheap flights, offering some of the best prices around, particularly between the US, Latin America and Europe.

Coseats: Great place to search for ridesharing adventures in Australia. Advertise your ride or pick one up for free (I’ve done both!). They also have super information about relocation deals.

EasyCar: Worldwide cheap car hire, with best prices from top hire brands … and they claim to guarantee it!

Expedia: A clear and simple layout make this flight comparison site easy to navigate and a useful starting point for good fare pricing. They have a price match guarantee aswell.

Hitchwiki: Incredible source of information that brings together hitchhiking tips and information from around the globe. The site is divided into continent and then country sections so you can easily find all you need to know about where you’re trying to get a ride from and to.

Imoova: I used these guys to secure my relocation between Alice Springs and Darwin. They basically act as an agent for lots of different rental companies, so pool together all the available relocation deals and then contact you. I was on-stand by and they called me with a great deal. I did have to pay them a small agent fee, but the process was easy and smooth – couldn’t recommend it enough.

Liftshare: The UK site for rideshares. Ride for cheap and help reduce the number of cars on the road. Double winner!

Megabus: Amazingly cheap bus travel in Europe, Canada and the US. I’ve picked up fares for as low as $1, and while it might not have been a luxury ride, whose complaining at this price?!

Momondo: Just used these guys to book my last flights – a return trip to the UK from Australia – best flight prices with the shortest flight times. Very impressed!

Premier: Cheapest long distance bus rides when you’re traveling Australia’s East Coast. Plus you get 10% discount on return bookings.

Rail Europe: The hub for organising, coordinating and booking train travel across Europe. Brilliantly brings together a multitude of companies in an easy to use format. Highly recommended.

Seat 61: The best site when it comes to all things train and ferry related. Man in seat 61 had amassed a vast collection of global information so you can find it all in one easy location. Awesome for those looking to avoid flying and reduce their carbon footprint

Skyscanner: Great place to search for cheap flights as this site includes even budget airlines, guaranteeing you some very competitive prices.

Sleeping in Airports: Super site that gives you the lowdown on which airports you can sleep in, how and where, including a list of the best and worst ones. They even include tips about where to charge your phone, 24hour food outlets, wifi and other useful facilities.

Ticabus: The bus company to use if you’re traveling long distance through Central America. From Southern Mexico through to Panama, the Tica bus covers the whole stretch, stopping in all the capital cities, so you can easily connect with other national destinations or airports. They also have Tica hotels attached to their terminals, which allow you to get a good night’s sleep without having to navigate sketchy, unknown cities if you arrive after dark. These buses aren’t nearly as fun as chicken buses and I wouldn’t recommend them for hopping short distances, but if you need to get into another country quickly and safely, these are your guys.