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When is Tulip Season in the Netherlands? + Tips for Visiting

When is Tulip Season in the Netherlands

Heading to see the amazing tulip season in the Netherlands is one of the bucket list greats in this country as far as I’m concerned! Particularly amazing in and around Amsterdam, the rows and rows of coloured blooms that you’ll see here, all in visually striking straight lines, are an incredible horticultural feat. Not to […]

Zaandam Amsterdam: Fab Alternative Spot to the Dutch Capital

Zaandam, Amsterdam Area

Tired of the insane accommodation prices and the hectic crowds in central Amsterdam? Then isn’t it time you stayed somewhere different the next time you visit this city? If the answer is yes and you’re keen to get ahead of the cool curve, then can I recommend the flourishing nearby city of Zaandam! Just 2 […]

Amsterdam Tulip Fields You Don’t Know About!

Amsterdam Tulip Fields You Don't Know About!

When it comes to tulip fields in Amsterdam, everyone knows about Lisse and the Keukenhof… but what about some of the lesser explored Amsterdam tulip spots? Where are they, how do you get there, which farms should you visit and what else can you do around? Guaranteed to get you away from the crowds, I’m […]

Only Packing List for Namibia You Need!

Only Packing List for Namibia You Need!

Heading to Namibia and wondering what to pack and wear for your trip to this country? Then you’ve come to the right place! No matter whether you’re planning on an epic safari, an adrenaline-filled activity, a photography excursion, a sightseeing adventure, or all of the above, I’ve got you covered with this complete Namibia packing […]

Okavango Delta vs Chobe River: Which is Better?

Chobe River National Park vs Okavango Delta in Botswana

If you’re looking for a brilliant Botswana adventure, then both the Okavango Delta and Chobe River National Park are 2 must-see destinations in this country you can’t miss off your itinerary. But which is better?! After all, both are epic UNESCO-listed places, offering totally unique and utterly spellbinding landscapes and safari experiences! Known as the […]

Best Time to Visit Chobe River National Park

Best Time to Visit Chobe River National Park

One of Botswana’s premier safari destinations, there’s no question Chobe River National Park needs to be on your African wildlife hit list. Boasting one of the highest concentrations of elephants across the whole continent, not to mention the other plethora of wildlife that call this reserve home, this epic destination boasts game drive opportunities, as […]

How to Travel from London to Munich By Train

How to Travel from London to Munich Without Flying

If you’re planning to travel from London to Munich by train, then first up, congratulations! This is a fab decision if you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint and travel in a more sustainable way. I’ve done it myself and can now bring you all the best ways to get from the English capital to […]

How to Travel from Munich to Vienna: Train, Bus, Car & Plane

How to Travel from Munich to Vienna Train, Bus, Car & Plane

Munich and Vienna are 2 of my favourite central European cities, and enjoying them both in one amazing trip is a great way to explore the highlights of this region. And at only a few hours apart, it’s also very easy to combine these 2 cities, as well as enjoy some of the fabulous day […]