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10 Days in Argentina: Perfect Itinerary

The Perfect 10 Days in Argentina Itinerary

Ok, let’s be real here! 10 days to see a country as huge as Argentina, is nothing. It’s barely scratching the surface…. it’s less than the surface! As in, if you actually stayed on a bus for 10 days non-stop you probably couldn’t see the whole surface of Argentina, let alone if you get off […]

19 Things to Know Before You Travel Bolivia

19 Things to Know Before You Travel Bolivia

Planning to travel Bolivia? Then here’s 19 things to know before you go. One of the smaller countries in South America (although still massive if you come from Europe)  beautiful Bolivia is one of the cheapest countries to travel in this continent. Chock full of amazing natural as well as cultural assets, Bolivia really is […]

Only Argentina Packing List You Need!

The Only Packing List for Argentina You'll Ever Need!

What can I say, Argentina is surely the country with it all! From desert to mountains, vibrant cities to remote outposts, this huge South American nation bottles almost everything that’s best about this continent and rolls it all altogether into one delicious mate-infused fiesta! And if you think this sounds like too much hyperbole, then […]

22 Top Things To Do in Peru

The 22 Best Things To Do in Peru

There’s so many things to do in Peru that I honestly had a hard job keeping this list to just 22! And that’s because I love Peru. It’s as simple as that! The jewel in the South America travel crown for me (and that’s a very high accolade as there’s some seriously great contenders in […]

17 Best Hostels in Peru

17 Best Hostels in Peru

Peru really is a backpacker’s paradise and I honestly can’t believe it took me over 10 years of budget travel to finally get here! But finally get here I did, and then, of course, I couldn’t leave! Yes more than 2 months in this country and you basically had to tear me away because Peru […]

13 Best Things To Do in Salta, Argentina (+ Top 7 Travel Tips)

13 Best Things To Do in Salta, Argentina (+ Top 7 Travel Tips)

Located in the north of Argentina, the province of Salta is one of the most wonderful areas to explore in this country. Not only is that down to the incredible landscapes, the strong cultural traditions and beautiful wine of the region, but also to the fact that this part of Argentina is still considered off […]

Top 21 Things To Do in Bolivia

Top 21 Things To Do in Bolivia

Heading to this South American gem? Here’s the top 21 things to do in Bolivia. Sandwiched between Brazil, Peru, Chile and Argentina, Bolivia can sometimes struggle to get a look in with all those big neighbours around. But get a look in it certainly should, as this smaller South American country doesn’t hold back when […]

How To Get To Machu Picchu: Best Options, Tickets, Prices & Secret Tips

How To Get To Machu Picchu

It’s one of my 55 best things to do in South America and it’s absolutely one of the best things to do in Peru. Yes, the great wonder of Machu Picchu may well qualify for my list of the best travel things to do the world over… if I ever to get round to compiling […]

10 Best Iguazu Falls Tours + 1 Self-Guided Option!

10 Best Iguazu Falls Tours

Disclaimer! I’m going to be straight up from the start and say I’m not a huge fan of tours, especially to destinations like Iguazu Falls where they are not really needed. Yes that’s right, you don’t need a tour to go to Iguazu Falls! Easy to access via flight or bus, easy to sightsee around […]

Ultimate Peru Packing List: Tried & Tested!

The Ultimate Peru Packing List - Tried & Tested!

Oh Peru, the land of magic, mysticism, mountains and Machu Picchu! And that’s not forgetting Peru as the land of the Amazon jungle, the Pacific coast, the Arequipa Desert, Lake Titicaca, the Inca heartland, some amazing colonial cities and a ton of epic foodie fun – all of which just didn’t quite fit into the […]