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The Complete Guide to Visiting Axum in Ethiopia

The Complete Guide to Visiting Axum, Ethiopia

It’s supposedly home to the Queen of Sheba and the Ark of the Covenant (which holds Moses’ 10 commandments) and it definitely was the centre of an ancient civilisation on a level with Rome, Greece and Egypt! So why hasn’t anyone heard of the mighty city of Axum? Because it’s in Ethiopia, that’s why! Yes […]

Everything You Need to Know About Visiting Lalibela, Ethiopia

Visiting Lalibela, Ethiopia

Most famous as the centre of Ethiopia’s rock-hewn churches, Lalibela is a town soaked in magic and mysticism. A small, rural village, an unassuming place set amidst a stunning highland landscape, Lalibela is home to some of the finest UNESCO rock-hewn churches in the world. In true Ethiopian form, these churches sit alongside a unique, […]

Why Ethiopia’s Omo Valley Is Like Nowhere Else on Earth

Why Ethiopia's Omo Valley Is Like Nowhere Else on Earth

Like my adventure in the Danakil Depression, my trip to Ethiopia’s Omo Valley region took me to one of the most remote parts of this incredible country. Located in the South, this distant region feels like a world away from Northern Ethiopia – with a rural and tropical feel, it was more reminiscent of sub-Saharan […]

Best Hostel in Addis Ababa: Mr Martins Cozy Place

The Top Hostel in Addis Ababa

This was my 4th time in Addis Ababa and I’ve got admit, I’ve done the rounds… in terms of accommodation that is! Yep each time I’ve returned to Addis, I’ve stayed somewhere else looking for that great place that had all the key elements – top location, free wifi, outside space, comfort and, well “cosyness”. […]

Ideal Ethiopia Itinerary: Seeing The Best of This Spellbinding Country

The Ideal Ethiopia Itinerary For Seeing The Best of This Spellbinding Country

From visiting the ancient rock churches of Lalibela to encountering the unique indigenous cultures of the Omo Valley, from scaling active volcanoes in the Danakil Depression to getting lost in the tiny cobbled streets of Harar, Ethiopia really is the hidden gem of Africa. A dazzling land of diversity, put quite simply, there is never […]

Feeding Wild Hyenas and 9 Other Unique Things to do in Harar, Ethiopia

10 Incredible Things to do in Harar, Ethiopia {Big World Small Pockets}

  Over in the east of Ethiopia, as you head towards the Djibouti border, the ancient city of Harar is a rare gem in an otherwise pretty, desolate landscape. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this walled civilisation has long been an important trading centre, situated strategically between the Red Sea and the great empires of […]

Exploring Ethiopia’s Lake Tana and Blue Nile Falls

Exploring Ethiopia’s Lake Tana & Blue Nile Falls

  Another must-see destination in Ethiopia (yes another one!) is the city of Bahar Dar or Bahir Dir, depending on how you translate the Amharic alphabet! Yes confusing at the best of times, Ethiopia can be a puzzle, but I’m so delighted that my time in Bahar Dar was one of the least stressful and […]

A Little Bit of Luxury at Solyana Hotel : Beauty on a Budget in Ethiopia’s Bahar Dar

Solyana Hotel - Beauty on a Budget in Ethiopia’s Bahar Dar

  It’s true. We all like a bit of luxury now and again. Even hardened budget backpackers like me definitely crave a great bed, power shower and excellent service from time to time and never have I craved it more than after several months scooting around Africa! It was sheer delight therefore that, after making […]

Trekking Ethiopia’s Tigray Churches

Trekking Ethiopia’s Tigray Churches

A WORD OF WARNING! Visiting Ethiopia’s Tigray Churches will require nerves of steel, a disregard for treacherous heights and all the adrenaline you can possibly muster… …but trust me, if you can harness all of these, then visiting this totally unique and breathtaking (literally) destination is going to be one of the most amazing travel […]