Beirut Hostel Bliss: The Grand Meshmosh Hotel

Beirut Hostel Bliss - The Grand Meshmosh Hotel

Sometimes, when you travel, there are just those places.

Places you’ve never visited before, yet as soon as you step through the door you feel like you’re among friends, like you’ve come home.

They are the sort of places that fit you down to the ground, that get you.

Places where you feel so safe and relaxed instantly, that you put your bag down, kick off your shoes and know you’re not going to want to leave.

And so it was with The Grand Meshmosh Hotel, the Beirut hostel of my dreams that had me wrapped in its warmth and memorised by its madness from the moment I arrived, until the day my airplane ticket physically pulled me away.

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My initial stay at The Grand Meshmosh was kindly sponsored, but as always, all views are my own. However it’s worth mentioning that I did extend my stay here for 6 days of my accord.

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The Best Beirut Hostel

So why did I love this place just as much as I did from the instant I arrived?

I guess the extremely friendly welcome I received was the first thing.

Because, quite simply, the staff here are the best.

When it comes to conversation and connection, they treat you like friends, but when it comes to service and hospitality they treat you like royalty.

Maybe that’s the Lebanese way, but instantly I was laughing and joking with the staff here like I’d known them for years.

Kind of outrageous, very open and hilarious, the atmosphere they create suited me down to the ground.

Lebanon, Beirut, Views

Completely without pretension, but simultaneously, effortlessly cool, this place is like a relaxed hangout where you can be exactly who you want without fear or apprehension.

But, please don’t let this statement give the impression that the Grand Meshmosh Hotel is a place that doesn’t care.

Quite the opposite.

These guys care and they care a lot.

Staff can’t do enough to help you or answer your questions or give you advice or serve you delicious coffee!

The place couldn’t be cleaner or more caring or more personable.

It honestly feels like the whole drive of the Grand Meshmosh Hotel is to give travellers a real and very authentic feel into life in Beirut.

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Lebanon, Grand Meshmosh Hotel, Sign


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Oozing Beirut Brilliance

Which, in a city as vibrant and resilient and as exciting as Beirut, is exactly what you want!

With its downstairs café and informal bar, the Grand Meshmosh doubles as a local arty-type hangout where interesting, intelligent and impassioned Lebanese people come to meet friends over coffee, play backgammon and enjoy great-priced delicious food.

As much as somewhere to stay, this fantastic Beirut hostel is somewhere you can easily engage with locals in a creative space centred on community and bringing people together.

It’s very open, it’s very relaxed and it’s very fun.

Lebanon, Beirut, Hostel

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Located in the great district of Gemmayzeh, with its awesome cafes, bars, street art, galleries and quirky shops, this is definitely the best place to stay in Beirut.

It’s extremely safe, yet full of life – there’s always something going on.

In fact, so much so, that I often found it hard to drag myself away and enjoyed just chilling and chatting in this awesome Beirut hostel as much as I did day tripping around the country.

Because that’s the beauty of Lebanon.

In this tiny country, everything is so close that you can easily just take day trips to the many natural, cultural and historical treasures Lebanon has to offer and base yourself in the amazing Grand Meshmosh Hotel the whole time.

For someone who had been moving around A LOT in the months proceeding my arrival at this top Beirut hostel, the chance to have a base, to unpack my bag and to unwind somewhere I instantly fell in love with, was EXACTLY what my body and my heart needed!


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Fantastic Facilities

For the Grand Meshmosh Hotel is every bit as grand and every bit as meshmosh as the name suggests.

With a funky, low key décor that made me feel like I’d walked into a small faded French café, the place is delightfully quirky, cute, colourful and full of character.

Set within a heritage building there’s an essence to everything here that feels part like stepping back in time and part like the future, as hostels realise more and more what travellers actually want is independent, small places to stay that ooze flavour and capture the uniqueness of their surrounds.

The Grand Meshmosh Hotel (isn’t this just the best name ever by the way?!) has this all going on and more.

With amazing free breakfasts (don’t even get me started on how delicious Lebanese food is) to great free wifi, free filtered drinking water, easily arranged airport shuttles, a beautiful terrace, ensuites and dorm rooms, whether you want some privacy or you want to socialise, whether you want to party or you want to read in a cosy corner, this is the place.

The terrace outside is adorned with bright coloured deckchairs, pretty flowers and boasts some perfect people-watching abilities care of the authentic Beirut streets and steps that surround it.

Lebanon, Beirut, Shutters

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The wrought-iron balconies, with their painted shutters that stretch from many of the rooms here, also give ideal city views as blue sky Beirut comes to life in the morning and blissful Beirut comes to life after sunset.

Beds are amazingly comfortable (they all have high quality mattresses) and the hot water and shower pressure are, quite frankly, a dream!

So I think it’s pretty clear, don’t you?!

Spirited, independent, quirky, fun, down to earth and creative, I loved everything about the Grand Meshmosh Hotel and have no doubt in my mind that it’s the best Beirut hostel you’ll find.

I mean really, what else can you ask for as a budget traveller?

If you have any ideas, do let me know, because I’m stumped.

As far as I’m aware this place is perfect.

Now the only thing to decide is when I’m coming back…!

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